Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke

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Firedrake, Ben, and their furry friend, Sorrel, are in search of the mythical places where dragons can live in peace forever.  Together they embark on a journey that takes them to magical lands where they meet marvelous creatures—and ruthless villains.  Along the way, they will discover allies in odd places, courage they didn’t know they had, and a hidden destiny that changes everything.

Dragons, brownies and homunculi, oh my!  Cornelia Funke includes both traditional and non-traditional fantasy creatures in this exciting, thought-provoking novel.  Funke is a well-known author of children’s and teen’s fantasy, but Dragon Rider has been overshadowed by her more popular Inkheart trilogy.  In my opinion, Dragon Rider is just as good as Inkheart and it deserves equal recognition.

It is full of clichés, especially since the whole premise of the book is that a trio of unlikely friends (a dragon, a brownie and a human) embarks on a long and dangerous journey to find a mythical place where dragons can live in peace forever.  What saves Dragon Rider from being too clichéd is Cornelia Funke’s spectacular writing style and the fact that she puts spins on many of the clichés she uses.  Besides, this is a children’s and young teen’s book; most of her readers do not care about clichés.

Since friendship is the main theme of the novel, the focus is more on the characters than the plot.  Funke’s characters are very well developed and meet all of the requirements to be memorable, yet she does not neglect the plot to focus on her characters.  Therefore, Dragon Rider ends up being the best of both worlds: a fast-paced, character-driven novel.

I give this book 5/5 stars.

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      • iano10

        Yeah, I kinda remember it. It was a while ago, but I still remember a little bit about it, mainly the gold dragon, and something about having to melt the scales from the inside. Like I said, it was several years ago when I read it. In answer to the second question, yes, I thought it was a pretty good book.

  1. fallingstar382

    Omg I read this book! I even had it!

    [Comment edited for overuse of capital letters. Steph, be nice when you comment on my blog.–CS]

  2. airsa

    can you please help me? I cant figure out the theme of this novel. what is the setting and why is it important to the story? (whan and where, time and place)? what are the personality and physical traits of Ben? Please answer my questions and overall this ook was great!!!!

    • Carrie Slager

      Read the book instead of asking random people online for help with your reading comprehension questions. If you’re truly having that much trouble, your teacher is there to help you.

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