If You’re a Michael Scott Fan…

This is just a reminder that The Enchantress by Michael Scott, which is the last book in The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel series, is coming out on May 22.  That’s only a little more than a month!  I’ve already got it on pre-order and I’m really excited.  Is anyone else out there anxious for the series ending?  And isn’t that cover amazing?


  1. ForTheLoveOfBooks

    I’m really excited for The Enchantress to come out! It’s been such a good series and I’m sad that it is ending :(. But I also want to see how the relationship between the twins pan out!

    Did you read the Chapter excerpts that were released? I just want Josh to be okay lol, he’s one of my favourite characters.

    • Carrie Slager

      Yes, I read the chapter excerpts. They’ve only made me more eager to get my hands on The Enchantress! I haven’t read anything else by Michael Scott, but I’m really hoping he knows how to end a series well, unlike Suzanne Collins.

      • ForTheLoveOfBooks

        I can’t wait to see how it ends either! I actually haven’t read The Hunger Games, but a lot of my friends who have read the book have said the series didn’t end as well they would have liked it to. Which book is your favourite in the Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel?

        • Carrie Slager

          I think it would have to be The Sorceress, mostly because Machiavelli plays a larger role and I’m a sucker for tragic characters like Gilgamesh.

          What about you? Who’s your favourite character?

          • ForTheLoveOfBooks

            I actually haven’t finished the series yet. My curiosity got the better of me so I did look up how the story has progressed so far. I know it’s cheating! But I couldn’t help myself lol.

            From what I’ve read so far, I like Scathatch’s character as well as Josh. I know some people don’t like Josh, but I think he’s had the most realistic responses to what’s been going on.

            I like the fact that Scott uses historical characters. When Machiavell was introduced I had to smile because we talked about him in my International Relations class in University 🙂

            What do you think of the Flamels? I’m not sure if I should trust them or not.

          • Carrie Slager

            The Flamels are hard to pin down, really. In the beginning, it seems like they’re good and on the side of right, but as the series progressed, I’m not so sure anymore. I think they’re good people and are trying to help the world, but have gotten mixed up in some bad things in the past. They’re not perfect.

            I like Josh too. I mean, who wouldn’t get jealous if their twin was getting all of these special powers and it looked like the Flamels were manipulating them? Michael Scott has let him develop naturally and I would have to agree that his responses are very realistic.

          • ForTheLoveOfBooks

            I’ll let you know what I think about the Flamels once I get further into the series. But from what I’ve read so far, I’m with Josh in that they keep way too many secrets from the twins.

            Another thing that I enjoy about this series is that it’s about siblings and there’s hardly any romance involved which is a refreshing change from other teen/ya books these days.

            I think one of the reasons that I like Josh so much is because I’m a younger sibling as well and sometimes I feel like Sophie is persuaded way too easily.I know she likes to see the good in everyone, but sometimes you think to yourself “can you just see it in Josh’s perspective and listen to what he has to say instead of brushing him off?”

  2. JustMakingAnAccountToComment

    I agree Josh is great cos he’s so real. A lot fo the character in the series are, I find it far hard to indentify with Sophie she seems too ‘good’ / or naive. Which is kind of disappointing considering all the other amazing characters in the series like Machiavelli who really struggles with with his conscience in the later books.

    • Carrie Slager

      Ah, another Machiavelli fan! I love how he’s ‘evil’ to start out with, but when we see things from his POV, we learn that he actually struggles quite a bit. He’s certainly more human than Dee.

  3. JustMakingAnAccountToComment

    The wait each year has been painful, good book though, won’t spoil it for you but good book answers questions, but I thought the tone was different to the first 3 books. Actually I thought that the last 3 were very different to the first 3 books like the pace, tone etc.

    • Carrie Slager

      Well, thanks for being so considerate! I know a lot of people would want to spoil things for me, so I really appreciate it. But it’s good that the last book answers a lot of questions. Would you say you were happy with the ending? Was it satisfying for you?

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