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Well, I was right!  Some ambitious director has picked up the rights to Conn Iggulden’s Emperor series.  According to Wikipedia, it is to be directed by Burr Steers and it will be a trilogy.  The first film will attempt to combine Emperor: The Gates of Rome and Emperor: The Death of Kings.  This actually makes sense because the first book is very slow and could easily be condensed and added to the second book.  Apparently this has been news since May 20, 2010, but I just found out about it and I wanted to spread the word.  So, Conn Iggulden fans, you’re in luck!  The movie will apparently be called Emperor: Young Caesar, which is a title so horrible it makes me want to gag.  Could it be more predictable?  Oh well, with the name “Caesar” in the title, it will draw a larger crowd.

Blood of Eden by Julie Kagwa was just released on April 24 as well.  So if you love Julie Kagawa, or real blood-sucking, human-eating, stone-cold killing machines that don’t sparkle, check it out.  I haven’t read it yet, but I plan to get my hands on it as soon as humanly possible.  For more information, check out the official site here.



Kristin Cashore is an amazing writer and the third book in her Seven Kingdoms series is coming out on May 1 of this year!  I mentioned this before, but after it got an excellent review from a reviewer who managed to obtain an ARC, I am even more anxious to read it.

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