Okay, I have a surprise for everyone here to brighten up your next Monday.  As you’ve probably seen, my Self-Publishing: A Reviewer’s Perspective garnered a decent amount of attention and some very thoughtful comments which started an interesting discussion.  Well, you’ve all seen a reviewer’s perspective, but how about the perspective of an actual self-published author?

That’s why I asked Andrew Levkoff to take time out of his busy schedule and write an article about his own views on self-publishing.  So on Monday, May 28 at 12:00am local time, Self-Publishing: An Author’s Perspective will be going live.  Mr. Levkoff has also graciously agreed to drop in on the comments from time to time, so after you read his article, feel free to ask away about anything related to self-publishing!  He’ll certainly be able to give you better answers than I will as well as adding a much more balanced perspective to a so far one-sided conversation.

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