3 Things to Brighten Your Wednesday

#1.  First off, thanks so much to everyone who suggested books for my little sister.  You have no idea how helpful you’ve been!  Thank you for filling both my birthday and Christmas shopping lists with books because in this household, books are a staple of both occasions.

#2.  I’m posting over at We Heart Reading again.  This time, it’s a review of Caesar by Adrian Goldsworthy.  It’s about, you guessed it, Julius Caesar.  It’s my first time reviewing non-fiction, so go on over and check it out!  Especially if you like history.

#3.  A little while ago when I wrote my post on things authors should know about bad reviews, I had John Scalzi’s attitude toward them in mind.  For the release of his new book, Redshirts, he has posted some samples from one-star reviews he received without flipping out at the reviewers.  This is how bad reviews should be handled, people.  Go and check them out if you need a good laugh while being informed.

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