The Mad Reviewer is now Accepting Guest Posts

As you probably know (my regular readers anyway) I already have a wonderful guest poster, Savindi from The Streetlight Reader.  She does an absolutely amazing job and guest posts pretty much whenever I ask her, usually a few times per month.  It’s great that she does that for me, but I’ve been thinking of getting a few more people to guest post once or twice.  Do you think you’d like to guest post here?  Well, here’s some criteria:

1.  You must write a book review or an article on books, preferably something teens can read.  This is supposed to be a YA blog, after all, so I try to have content that young adults would like to read.  If you’re writing a book review, it had better not be on a book I’ve already read.  But if you have a different opinion on an article I wrote, that’s fine.

2.  Experience is nice, but not necessary.  If you’re just getting into blogging and have never written a book review, but still want to guest post here, that’s great!  I’d prefer a little experience, but I’m not going to disqualify you if you don’t have any.

3.  I’m a neurotic when it comes to grammar and spelling.  I don’t mind the occasional mistake or typo (hey, I make them too), but if you write like a six-year-old…well, let’s just say you need not apply.

4.  Keep your content clean.  I consider swearing in book reviews an admission of the fact you have nothing better to say.  And if there’s any explicit content in a novel, you had better mention it and give an age recommendation.

If you think you meet the criteria, use the new contact page to say who you are, why you’d like to guest post and a link to  your blog if you have one.  If you have any prior experience doing book reviews, please say so and provide a few examples.

As for how often you’ll be guest posting, it depends on how often you want to post!  You can just have one guest post, post once a month, post once every two weeks, or I can give you your own day to post every week.  It all depends on how much you want to, how good you and I get along and how well you can write.

Since my blog is completely free, I cannot pay you.  But if you guest post for me, I will guest post for you (whenever you want) in a sort of quid pro quo.  One guest post for me=one guest post for you.  That way, we each end up with the same amount of content and our readers can have a little variety.

If you have any questions, please email me or comment below.


  1. literaryvittles

    aha! not sure why I haven’t noticed this til now. I recently became the owner of a huge amount of YA books, so once I’ve had the chance to read one I’ll be sure to submit a review for your consideration.

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