The Broken Thread by Linda Smith

Okay, I’m finally done with all of the Jeanne DuPrau reviews.  So this week I reviewed The Broken Thread by Linda Smith over at We Heart Reading.  Don’t want to read yet another review?  Well, here are some interesting articles I found that you might enjoy:

Clarion 2012: Every Brilliant Piece of Writing Advice.  If you’ve ever thought about writing or are struggling to get that novel done, this is probably some of the most inspirational advice you can get.  Just be warned that there is some creative language.

Rare Sand Kitten Birth Gives Hope for Conservation.  This kitten will just melt your heart.  It’s so cute!

An Interview with Matt Myklusch and your chance to win a book!  Because who doesn’t like free stuff?  Especially since you can choose any of the three books in Matt Myklusch’s amazing Jack Blank series.

And, to wrap things up, your conspiracy theory of the week: Why Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez May Be the Same Person.  (Note: this is from Cracked so the language is not recommended for kids.)

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