Farewell to We Heart Reading

As you probably don’t know, last Wednesday was my last day posting over at We Heart Reading.  I know my ‘resignation’ is pretty sudden and you’re probably all asking yourselves why did I quit, but I’m going to keep things brief:

1.  I want to focus on my own blog more.

2.  In September I’ve taken on a lot of projects, most notably my collaboration with Mark of The Masquerade Crew on his first anthology.  My role as developmental (content) editor will take up a lot of my time and the fact is that guest posting regularly takes a lot more time than just posting on my blog.  Both Mark and I are hoping that there will be more anthologies in the future, so to put it bluntly: editing pays and guest posting doesn’t.  I am human and would like to make a little extra money, so I feel that my energy is better spent on paying work than on We Heart Reading.

3.  It wasn’t meeting my expectations.  I’m a perfectionist and when things don’t turn out, I often lose interest in them.  This is no one’s fault but my own.  We Heart Reading hasn’t turned out nearly as well as I thought it would; it was just not a good fit for a control freak like myself.  However, for non-control freak book reviewers I would highly recommend joining it.  It’s a great place to build a community of book reviewers and fellow book lovers.

Even though I’m saying ‘addio’ to We Heart Reading, that doesn’t mean I’m saying farewell to guest posting in general.  It’s just that I will be guest posting less frequently, as in once every two weeks.  But more on that later.

For now, just know that I will no longer be posting at We Heart Reading, but I will still do everything I can to help the site out.  It was a great place to meet fellow book reviewers and book lovers and I’m going to miss it.


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