Introducing my New Guest Poster: Caleb Flanagan of 20four12

Caleb Flanagan of 20four12 has been a regular commenter here on The Mad Reviewer for many months and we’ve had some very interesting conversations.  Naturally, we have developed a professional relationship and when he wanted to expand into guest posting, he contacted me first (which was very flattering).  Although I resigned at We Heart Reading on Wednesday, I am still very much interested in guest posting.  So why did I resign?  I wasn’t getting any content in return.

The reason I love guest posting with The Streetlight Reader is that we do exchanges: she writes one review for me, I write one for her.  At We Heart Reading, I would post every week for no content in return and significantly less traffic.  However, the way Caleb and I have worked things out will give us each regular content.  I will be posting for him every other Friday and he will be posting for me every other Friday.  My first post for him will be today, the 7th and his first post for me will be on the 14th.  And we’ll take things from there.

Since Caleb did an amazing post introducing me to his readers, I might as well introduce him.  Here’s a section from his about page:

My name is Caleb Flanagan. I’m a former English major at Brigham Young University who now works as a Front-End Web Developer for a marketing firm in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am married to an amazing woman by the name of Holly, and I’m lucky enough to be the father of two totally awesome kids, my son, Jack, and my daughter, Lucy.

20four12 is a blog that focuses on books and how I perceive them as a whole as well as the more nebulous topics behind being an avid reader. My personal reading taste leans quite heavily to the science fiction, fantasy, and dystopian genres. However, I have been known to cross over into just about any genre if I think the book has an interesting concept behind it. Lately I’ve been discovering that I quite enjoy the characters and plots that can be found in YA fiction, something I never really thought I would be all that interested in. It’s always great to discover new things with books.

Occasionally you might find posts here that deal with topics other than books, but I promise that if you do, they will always be interesting!

Other interests that I spend time on include following sports news quite voraciously, watching movies (especially in the theater), and a little bit of online gaming when time and mood permits.

So if you haven’t already checked out 20four12, you should now!  Caleb does some amazing in-depth posts about books chapter-by-chapter as well as reviews, articles on gaming, movies, etc.  He caters to a more adult audience, but I know for a fact that many teens will love the books he reviews.

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