Reader Suggestion Week

I love reviewing books and ranting about books, but The Mad Reviewer would not be possible without you guys, my amazing readers.  Although I do my own thing most of the time, I love hearing from you about how I could improve the site.  Do you want to see more rants?  Do you want me to review a particular genre more often or do you think there’s a certain series I should check out?  Is there any way I could improve the site layout or make navigation easier?

Well, you’ll all have a chance to have your say!  Because this week, from Sunday, September 16 until Sunday, September 23, you’ll be able to ask me about something or suggest something new or something that needs to be improved upon.  Of course, I welcome suggestions at all times, but a ‘Reader Suggestion Week’ makes things more official.

If you have any suggestions or questions about the site, you can comment below and I’ll respond to your question as well as I can.


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