Last Call for Reader Suggestions

Officially, ‘Reader Suggestion Week’ ended at 11:59pm last night, but I only received two comments, so I’m extending it just for today.

Do you want to see me review a particular book or author?  Do you have a suggestion for an article?  Would you like me to change something about the site layout to make it easier to navigate?  Do you want more or less articles, author interviews, book reviews and/or guest posts?

You guys, my readers, are what make The Mad Reviewer possible, so I want your reading experience here to be as pleasant as possible.  I’m not about to get offended if you offer me, a self-appointed reviewer/critic, some constructive criticism.  I can take what I dish out, believe me.

If you don’t want to comment below, send your suggestion through my contact page.


  1. Andrew P

    The A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin is quite fantastic (starting with Game of Thrones) — I’d be interested to see your thoughts on the first book. =]

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