To put things bluntly: I’m exhausted.  My personal life is hectic right now and my work life is just as bad.  That’s why I will be taking today (Friday) and the weekend off.  I need to catch up on reading the books authors have been sending me.  Some of them have been waiting for months.  I also need to catch up on my role as content editor for Mark of The Masquerade Crew’s anthology.

However, I will be coming back on Monday refreshed and with tons of new ideas for posts.  To kick off the start of a new ‘era’ on The Mad Reviewer, I will be publishing only articles for the week (but will be returning to my usual daily reviews the next).  These articles will be on a variety of topics.  Some will be comparing books to their movies.  Others will talk about the portrayals of historical figures in fiction.  And of course there will be one of my classic rants.  What else would you expect from The Mad Reviewer?

Thanks for your understanding and see you on Monday!


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