Heartland by Lauren Brooke

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Oh no she didn’t…yeah I did.

I’m taking a great risk as a guest reviewer to introduce a series from the younger
side of YA, but the tweens have to start somewhere right? The Heartland novel
series, penned by British author, Lauren Brooke, was inspired by her childhood
experiences on a horse ranch in the hills of Virginia.

The 25 novels revolve around the main character, Amy Fleming, and her family,
who treat frightened and abused horses, using holistic and unconventional
methods. Conflicts are resolved when the Flemings reach out to both the horses
and their owners who carry their fair share of emotional baggage.

Although older YA readers might consider this book too juvenile in content and
style, younger readers ages 9-14 will enjoy the sweet simplicity of country life and the innocent, though blossoming, relationship depicted between Amy and her friend, Ty. This book also rings true for homeschool families who cherish books depicting conservative values in an agrarian setting.

Surprisingly, there must be something of a hunger for this genre since the
Heartland books have been made into a Canadian Television series. Heartland
the TV series, appeared on the CBC network in 2007 and is currently in its sixth
season, drawing over 1 million viewers each week. The show has recently been
syndicated for viewing in the United States.

So, as Rumpelstilskin would affirm, sometimes simple straw can indeed be spun
into gold.

Read for Fun,
Lynne Thompson
Author of the Wag the Mouth series

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