Blog Tour

Well, I’m doing my first blog tour!  Well, technically it isn’t even my tour.  As part of his mission to promote indie and self-published authors, Mark of The Masquerade Crew has reached out to other bloggers to get the word out about a certain number of books.  Those of us that post for his tour will get a chance to win an Amazon gift card and our readers will get the chance to learn about great indie books they never may have heard of before.

Tomorrow I will be posting my first tour article, but I want to ask you guys: Do you want me to do blog tours?  Please post your answer and reasons in the comments section.  If the general consensus is no, I won’t go any further on the tour, but if you guys like blog tours I will keep going with it.


  1. Andy Szpuk

    It’s a great way of networking. It’s not something I’ve tried myself, but the general vibe out there is positive whenever it’s discussed by writers, so go for it!

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