My Interview with Krystal Wade (2)

Krystal Wade is the author of the Darkness Falls trilogy, which includes Wilde’s Fire, Wilde’s Army and the final book Wilde’s Meadow.  This is my second interview with her, so read on to see her feelings about ending her first trilogy and for some hints about future projects!

1.  How do you feel about your first trilogy coming to an end?
Relieved, sort of, that I can “relax” for a minute. Scared because I don’t want to lose momentum while I’m finishing the next series of books. Happy that a couple people have asked for spin-offs. So, I’d say I’ve got some mixed emotions.

2.  The Darkness Falls trilogy has a lot of complicated plot twists.  Are you one of those writers that outlines everything before they start or do you make things up as you go and edit later?
I try to plot. I even write out a few paragraphs of where I think I want the story to go, but every time I start writing, my characters take control and run away from my stupid plot lines. Seriously. Why on Earth do I take the time to write them? I wish I could be an organized writer who lives by spreadsheets and charts–that’s how I am in my day job–but unfortunately organization doesn’t work for me.

Some plot twists surprise the heck out of me. I got so mad at a certain character in Wilde’s Meadow–Perth–that I had to stop writing for a month or so. He threw me for such a loop with this profession he made outside the Crossing Caves . . . can you guess what I’m referring to?

3.  Looking back with the experience you have now, what (if anything) would you do differently when it comes to writing and publishing?
Trust my instincts a bit more. I can’t say much more than that.

4.  Will you ever return to the world of Encardia, either in a prequel, sequel or spin-off series?
I’m considering a spin-off for Perth, for Kate’s family, and for an Elysian living on Earth. The first two would involve a battle with Bheagans. I love the world of Encardia, and I really want to show it recovered, thriving, and then plunged back into war. Gosh, I’m evil.

5.  Can you give us any hints about that mysterious unnamed Urban Fantasy novel you’re currently working on?
It has a name now! Shattered Secrets. I even posted the Prologue here:
This book has received some amazing feedback from my crew of beta readers, crit partners, and my publisher, but its resolution (the end) is still forming in my mind. However, let’s just say that things are not what they seem. No. Not at all. This poor girl will go through a heck of a lot more than Kate ever did . . . and Abby will spend some time bound and gagged in the trunk of a car. (Insert maniacal laughter!)

6.  What is your favourite part about being a published writer?
The fans. When people get as excited–if not MORE–as I do about my characters . . . well, that makes everything worth it. I love when people reach out and let me know how much they enjoyed the book; those are the people I cling to. Like you. 🙂


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