Giveaway: Finding Time by Steve Poling

Like time travel?  Science fiction with actual science in it?  Great characters?  Then have I ever got a book for you!  Steve Poling graciously agreed to do a giveaway with me so we have two copies of Finding Time up for grabs in Kindle format only.  For my fellow Luddites all that means is you will have to download and read it through Amazon on your computer.


1.  You must answer one or both of the questions provided.

2.  Your answer can be as serious/funny as you like.  There really is no wrong answer.

3.  You may enter only once.


1.  Two Kindle versions of Finding Time.

One thing we’re doing differently this time is that Steve Poling will be picking his favourite answer, but we will also be using to randomly pick a winner.  So even if your answer is not Steve’s favourite, you have a chance at being chosen randomly based on the order of your comment because I will be using the random number generator.  Now here are the two questions:

1.  If you had a time machine, what would you rescue?

2.  If you could talk with just one historical figure (without all the nasty time travel related consequences) who would it be and why?

Today is November 20 and I will be closing the giveaway on November 27 November 30 (Update at 11:55am 21/11/12).  I will be announcing winners at 12:01am on December 1.  Make sure you have a valid email address attached to your account because I will be giving them to Steve Poling.  If he does not receive a reply from the winner(s) within seven days, the prizes will be going to someone else.


  1. Andy Szpuk

    1. I’d rescue the Kobzars, the traveling bards of Ukraine who were wiped out by Stalin’s regime.
    2. Hitler, with maybe not so nasty consequences. It’s an obvious choice maybe, but the dark side requires exploration always.

    • Carrie Slager

      Thanks for entering! And Hitler? A brave choice, but I would definitely agree with it to explore the depths of his mind. What caused him to do what he did? That’s a question we may never have the full answer to.

    • stevepoling (@stevepoling)

      I remember a time travel story consisting of a chat room log between time travelers and every time someone would invent time travel he’d log in and propose killing Hitler and they’d explain why they’d have to thwart him. Without Hitler there’s no WW2 and without WW2 there’s no technological push to develop something-or-other and without that there’s no time travel.

      So, this other guy from Taiwan comes along and proposes killing some famously murderous Chinese warlord. Everyone shrugs and says, “no problem.”

      The chat log continues with a time traveler asking how’d that work out? and the rest of the time travelers saying, “who’s that?” The presumption being that killing the Chinese warlord changed time enough that the time traveler was never born.

      Besides, Dr. Who already did a Let’s Kill Hitler episode.

  2. Judy

    1.If you had a time machine, what would you rescue? The Parthenon. It was blown up by idiots who used it to store ammunition
    2. If you could talk with just one historical figure (without all the nasty time travel related consequences) who would it be and why
    Vercingetorix. The Celtic Chief who united the local Celts (In France/my ancestral home land) to fight Julius Caesar…and lost.
    He was a beautiful magnificent man who easily represents a culture deemed by history as ‘barbaric’. But they were not. I would love to get to know him and have him unveil what it was truly like to be ‘A Celt”

      • Judy

        It was goosepimply to look up at his statue and know wow, this happened and it is here…(I was in France. then) So cool to know and I do so love my Celts as well as my Romans

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