Finding Time Contest Winners

Well, the contest didn’t exactly go as I hoped, but we got three great entries and Steve Poling generously decided to award Kindle copies of his book, Finding Time, to all three.

I have the email addresses of Judy Ridgley and Andy Szpuk (and I hope you guys have already received your copies!), but I need the address of SP Mount.  So Mr. Mount, I would really appreciate it if you would DM me your email address on Twitter or even take the time to fill out the contact form to send it to me.  Then I can pass it on to Steve and he can give you your free copy of his book!  Or if any of you reading this are friends of his, could you please let him know and ask him to get in touch?

If I don’t get a reply within seven days, I’ll spam his blog until he knows he won.  But out of courtesy to him, I’d really rather not.

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