A Big Thank You to the Following Authors

Not only is it you guys, my readers, that make blogging possible, it’s the wonderful authors I interact with.  I must admit that not every author has been the most pleasant person I’ve ever worked with, but they were definitely anomalies.  All the same, there are some amazing authors who have left big impressions on me because of their kindness, which is why I would like to thank the following people:

Andy Szpuk, Andrew Levkoff, Matt Myklusch, Tara West, Krystal Wade, John Heldt, Zeinab Alayan, Michelle Hansen, Steve Poling, Marcus Matherne and Henry Venmore-Rowland.

If I’ve left any people out it’s definitely my own fault and is more of a reflection of my poor memory than of anything else.  But a thanks like that is very generic, which is why I want to thank every one individually:

Andy Szpuk: Thanks so much for asking me to review your book.  It has now finally returned from my father and my uncle and they both loved it, which is a huge achievement since they’re both more critical than I am.

Andrew Levkoff: Thank you for the amazing interview and for being the first author I actually ‘knew’ whose book I reviewed.

Matt Myklusch: I can’t thank you enough for sending along  free signed copies of the last two books in your trilogy.  Thank you for paying the shipping to Canada and for the great interview.

Tara West: Thanks for being so cooperative and taking the time and money to send me a physical copy of your book.  I can’t wait to do a giveaway with you next year!

Krystal Wade: Well, what can I say?  I’m glad you contacted me after seeing my review and agreeing to not only do two interviews with me, but to give me access to bonus content for your upcoming books.  You’re still cruel for torturing me about Wilde’s Meadow, though.

John Heldt: Thank you for contacting me to review your first book and now the second book in your trilogy!  I admit that I really did have my doubts when I saw the time travel premise, but you pulled it off so well.

Zeinab Alayan: Thank you for everything!  The giveaway, the interview, for contacting me to review your book in the first place…I would have missed out on an amazing book if you hadn’t.

Michelle Hansen: You had the courage to contact a reviewer like me about my good review of your book and I really admire you for taking that chance.  Thank you for helping me host my first-ever giveaway and for doing such an amazing interview.

Steve Poling: Where do I start?  Thanks for doing an interview and being so generous when it came to handing out prizes for your giveaway.  I look forward to reading your work in the future.

Marcus Matherne: Thank you for brightening my day with My Status Update Journey!  Not many books can make me smile so much, but yours did and I hope it gets the attention it deserves online.

Henry Venmore-Rowland: Thank you for not judging me for my stupidity when I asked you about Septimius Severus when you had actually written about Aulus Caecina Severus.  Yes, I know, two completely different people.  After I sounded like a complete moron you still agreed to an interview and I’m very grateful for that.  Maybe I’ll find time to read your book soon!

So here’s a big thank you to everyone!  Thank you for making my book reviewing experience awesome and for making all of the hard work worth it.


    • Carrie Slager

      I only gave it a good review because it was a good book and completely deserved it! It’s also why I want to thank you for contacting me to read and review it. I never would have found Puppet Parade otherwise and it would be such a shame to miss out on such a great book.

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