E-learning 101 by Dr. Liz Hardy

E-learning 101 by Dr. Liz Hardy(Cover picture courtesy of Kristina’s Favorites.)

E-learning 101 is the friendliest online learning guide on the planet!

Unlike other online study guides, E-learning 101 makes solving e-learning problems fun. Smiling dogs appear on most pages, helping the online learner to smile, relax, and engage with simple and accessible e-learning strategies.

The book presents 6 short lessons. Each lesson defines a common e-learning problem, and then walks readers through a series of steps to solve it. Interactive worksheets are included with every lesson, empowering readers to fix their e-learning problems right then and there.

The lessons are short, but cover the biggest e-learning issues:

* E-learning technology

* Finding more time to study

* Self-motivation

* Procrastination cures

* How to submit assignments on time, and

* Avoiding loneliness when learning online.

This online study guide inspires new online learners to face e-learning with confidence, replacing feelings of anxiety with action and achievement.

[Full disclosure: Liz Hardy sent me a free ebook in exchange for an honest review.]

This isn’t normally the sort of book I’d review, but E-learning 101 is useful not only for adults learning online, but for teenagers too.  Especially teenagers in small schools who have to take some courses online that their school doesn’t offer.

I find that one of the downfalls of most how-to books is that they don’t actually explain how to do things, but only give you tips without the reasoning behind them.  Not so in Liz Hardy’s book!  Not only does she tell you what to expect, she tells you some things you can do to make learning by correspondence easier and some common pitfalls students face.  At the end of every chapter she has a box you can write in so you can actually apply the lessons she teaches you to your course.

Finally, adult learners who are either currently using e-learning or expect to be using e-learning can read a book that gives practical advice about what e-learning is like.  There’s tips on scheduling time to work on your course, getting rid of procrastination (one of my personal bad habits) and avoiding loneliness.  Really, what else can I say?  This is 48 pages of pure gold!

Also: cute dog pictures on nearly every page, if you like dogs.

I give this book 5/5 stars.


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