What Book Reviewers do in Their Free Time

Carrie Pictures 2012 287What I am holding in this picture is a latch hook.  The basic idea is that you have a ‘mat’ that’s a grid.  On nearly every little square, you tie yarn on to make a pattern.  No, you don’t have to create a pattern yourself (thank goodness).  When you buy a latch hook, you’re supplied with the pre-cut yarn and a pattern to work off of, so it’s not that difficult.

Now, ‘not that difficult’ doesn’t mean that doing this was easy or quick.  There are 91 columns and 131 rows, meaning that in order to complete this, I stitched in 11, 921 individual pieces of yarn over a period of less than two months.  Yes, this is an incredibly big latch hook as you can tell by the size comparison in the picture.  No one could accuse me of being tall, but that is one big latch hook.

This has absolutely nothing to do with books or book reviewing, but we book reviewers are people who have different hobbies besides reading.  Mine just happens to be doing latch hooks.


    • Carrie Slager

      Definitely! It’s important for me to take time to pursue my other interests otherwise I get tired of reading and reviewing. Latch hooks also allow me to watch TV and still feel like I’m doing something productive.

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