Travelling (Again)

Well folks, I’m off travelling again!  I know, I know: I’m barely home for two weeks and I’m hopping a plane again.  No, this time I’m not going to Costa Rica.  I’m back in Ottawa again for a week.

Once again I’ve scheduled enough reviews, articles and guest posters to fill up the time I’ll be gone.  Thanks to both Savindi from The Streetlight Reader and Margaret from Steam Trains and Ghosts, I only had to schedule five posts in advance.  The quality of content will not be affected and I’m taking my laptop along to respond to your comments once or twice a day.  However, I’m going to be very busy so please don’t be offended if I don’t respond right away.  I’m not ignoring you.

Also: expect a new books post.  I just can’t resist the siren song that calls forth from every book store I pass when I travel.


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