Spotlight: Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise by Diantha Jones

Spotlight is my weekly feature in which I highlight a book I’m really looking forward to or really enjoyed.  This week it’s a book I really, really loved: Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise by Diantha Jones.

Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise by Diantha Jones

It’s official. Myth is doomed.

And it’s all Chloe Clever’s fault.

Still as whacked out as ever, Chloe is now faced with an even uglier truth: Not only is she the Pythia of the Great Unknown, but she is more powerful than she ever imagined and only the manifestations of her prophetic mind can save them all now.

With her Prince boyfriend, Strafford, and the Quad Fraternity always armed and ready to annihilate the opposition, she will embark on a mission to stop a great power that could consume every god in Myth…and everyone else she’s come to love.

But the worst is still to come.


This is just one of those books you zoom through then want to start again immediately after you’ve finished.  It’s also one of the rare sequels that doesn’t get bogged down in the details necessary to set up the third book.  Both of these things are rare on their own, but together they make Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise an incredible read.

Not only do we learn how Strafford came to be in disgrace, Chloe develops more and the Great Unknown Prophecy is beginning to fall into place.  Here we have a fantasy book with the fast pacing of an action/thriller novel and Diantha Jones has also managed to weave in aspects of Greek mythology seamlessly with the modern era.  There are believable explanations for why nobody knows about the Greek gods in the modern era, as well as a believable system of how the gods operate and how they’ve managed to stay immortal.

I’m not the biggest Strafford fan out there, but at least he isn’t your typical jerk Prince that you find in YA.  No, he has a believable backstory as to why he was such a jerk in the beginning and he’s actually moved beyond that, another rarity.  Say whatever you like about him, but at least he’s able to change, unlike a lot of bad boy types in literature and movies.

If you haven’t already read Prophecy of the Most Beautiful, you need to.  Right now.  And once you’ve read the first book, you’ll devour the second book and be desperate for the third, which comes out sometime this summer.

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