Starlet’s Web & Starlet’s Run Giveaway Winner(s)

First off I would like to thank everyone who entered and publicized the giveaway I had with Carla Hanna for paperback copies of Starlet’s Web and Starlet’s Run.  Thank you for making this my most successful giveaway yet.

Secondly, I would like to give a HUGE thank you to Carla Hanna, both for sending me her great book(s) to review and for agreeing to go along with this giveaway.  (As a side note this giveaway was the first she’s ever done with a blogger.)  Her questions for you guys were amazing and brought up many thoughtful entries, but it’s her replies to those entries that really seemed special for me.  Carla took an active role in the giveaway, tirelessly promoting it and giving her best responses to your entries.  She really is an incredible woman.

I digress.  Here are the results of the giveaway:

All thirteen people that entered the giveaway will be receiving a prize pack consisting of print copies of Starlet’s Web and Starlet’s Run.

Carla had such a hard time picking out just one winner and she was so grateful for the thoughtful entries that, yes, she has decided to ship out a prize pack to every single person who entered as a thank you.  Not every author has the resources to do this, so I ask only one thing of the winners: that you leave an honest review of her books on whatever sites you want, whether it’s Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Goodreads or your own blog.

It doesn’t have to be a thousand words and it doesn’t even have to be positive.  But I would ask you all to show Carla some thanks by leaving a couple sentences or even paragraphs about her books.  After all, there are very, very few contests where everyone is a winner.  So please, make this one count.


  1. lmccj

    Wow! That is so nice of you both. I also enjoyed reading other people’s perspectives. This giveaway attracted an interesting group.

  2. Carla J Hanna (@CarlaJHanna)

    Thank you Carrie and to everyone who entered! Your responses helped solidify my stand as I continue to get conditional interest from publishers and film studios. There’s a place for my novels that don’t follow genre rules and ask tough questions.

    I’m excited to share my modern morality tale with you. Not many people married their high school best friend, have been part of the Silicon Valley dot com boom in which everyone’s data is a gold mine veiled in ‘free’ promises, and then lived in Lia’s house amidst the stars. Maybe the perspectives I share in the Starlet Series will increase awareness of how we are all played? We’ll see. But at least everyone who reads the novels can see the world for what it is and choose to change what she can. Acceptance and deconstruction, I think, lead to serenity.

    I’ll send your paperbacks out today. Please do share what you think and then get Starlet’s Light, book 3 of the series, launching May 6!

  3. Shannon Davison

    Thank you so much for allowing all of us the chance to read your books. I look forward to getting them in the mail and reading them right away. I will definitely post my reviews on and goodreads 😉

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