Some Other Great Book Blogs (2)

Yes, for the second Saturday in a row I’m doing one of these.  Why?  Because I had to stay up very late (or very early in the morning) last night, completely not by choice.  It’s a long story, so let’s just get into the article, shall we?  Here are some other great book blogs you can read in the meantime, in no particular order:

1.  The Masquerade Crew

Yes, they do promotions for authors, but they are clearly marked so and you’re under no obligation to read them.  But Mark Lee has an awesome project going on here for indie and self-published authors and everyone will be able to find at least one book they’re interested in on the site.  In addition to that, he hosts blog tours for authors and book bloggers can participate in his book club to earn points towards gift cards and other awesome prizes.

2.  Scott Whitmore, writer

Not only is Scott a writer in his own right, but he also does book reviews for other writers.  They’re always honest reviews and I’ve really found some gems there on his blog from the indie and self-published crowd.  He reads a lot more mystery, crime and action/thriller books than I do, so go on and check his blog out!

3.  Author Unpublished

Here is yet another person who reads and reviews far more romance than I would care to.  Cary is also starting to do Free Book Fridays, in which she highlights some interesting books that you can download for free on Amazon, all with 4+ star ratings there.

4.  Midnight Coffee Monster

Raya reviews not only a bit of YA, but adult fiction and classics as well.  She has an overall great site and her reviews are very long and in-depth.  Trust me, you’ll know all of her feelings about a book from her reviews!  It makes me rather jealous that my feelings about a book can be summed up in (generally) 3-4 paragraphs.

5.  James’ Reading List

James’ Reading List just happens to be one of the latest incarnations of James’ blog, which in the time I’ve been following him has changed from jameskennedybeijing to jameskennedymonash (his current domain) and now to james’ reading list with the second domain listed here.  James reads a wide variety of fiction, mainly a lot of literary fiction and the occasional popular nonfiction book.  His archives are huge, so if you’re looking to get lost in cyberspace for a day, this would be the place to add to your reading list!


  1. theairtwit

    I often seem to write on the lengthy side unless I’m feeling lazy, but sometimes I wish I could summarize everything with more ‘short’ precision. I’d definitely get more reviews out that way!

    Thank you for the mention!

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