The Mad Reviewer Challenge Check in

Since it’s Sunday and I’m far too tired/lazy to write a very deep or thoughtful post at the moment, I thought it would be a great time for a challenge check in.  If you’re participating in The Mad Reviewer Reading/Reviewing Challenge, how far are you?  25%, 50%, finished?  Since it’s almost June, the halfway point, you should probably be around 50%, give or take a few percentage points.  Assuming you’re pacing yourself and not procrastinating until you begin a reading frenzy in December. If you’re not participating, there’s still time to join if you want to go for one of the lower levels (click here for more info).

As you guys can see from my progress bar, I’ve read and reviewed 65 books toward my goal of 104 books, making me roughly 63% done.  No, I’m not counting the short stories or novellas I’ve reviewed since I know I’ll be reading and reviewing far more than 104 books this year.  I can afford to be a little more picky, which is why I’m also keeping track of how many pages I’ll be reading for the challenge.  (Thanks to Caleb Flanagan of 20four12 for that idea!)

So how’s the challenge going for you?  If you’re not participating, how’s your reading/reviewing in general going this year?


    • Carrie Slager

      Hey Ashutosh! Thanks for checking in. In general I’d say you shouldn’t count reviews of short stories unless they’re in an anthology. I’ve reviewed short stories and didn’t count them. Besides, it looks like you’ll meet your goal of 26 books without them.

  1. theairtwit

    I’ve posted eight reviews out of my goal of twelve so far — pretty good for me, considering my review flop from last year. Although I will definitely need to move up to the slightly sane reviewer. I know I’ll move past the twelve-count by next month. For being in school, I’m reviewing more than I initially expected!

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