The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge Prizes

The Mad Review Reading ChallengeYes, I’ve finally decided on what prize(s) the winner of my reading challenge draw will receive!  But here’s more detailed breakdown of how I shall choose who gets the prize.

First off, everyone who completes my reading and reviewing challenge will be entered in a draw once I’ve verified that they’ve completed it.  Here is the breakdown of how I will weight the draw if they complete certain levels:

Mad Reviewer (104 books): 4 entries

Crazy Reviewer (52 books): 3 entries

Slightly Sane Reviewer (26 books): 2 entries

Sane Reviewer (12 books): 1 entry

I think it’s only fair that the people who took on the more difficult levels should receive more entries since they have to read and review far more books.  If you’re trying for the Mad Reviewer level and don’t quite make your goal, as long as you’ve read and reviewed 52 books you can still be entered as Crazy Reviewer.  The same goes if you tried for Crazy Reviewer and reached less than 52 books but reached 26 books or more.  Ditto for Slightly Sane Reviewer dropping down to Sane Reviewer.

If anyone goes over the 104 books read and reviewed in one year, depending on how far they go over, they may receive extra entries.  For example, if you reach 150 you’ll probably get 5 entries and if you reach 200 you’ll get 6 entries.  But I’ll figure something more concrete out if someone reaches that level.  We’ll see.

My Prize

I’ve been putting away spare change all year, saving up for the end of the year.  Why?  So I can provide my own prize of internationally shipped paperback books.  What kind of books, you ask?  Well, I don’t want to give too much away but I know for sure that I’ll be shipping 2 ARCs: one that I received accidentally from a publisher and the other given to me by the owner of my local bookstore.  I want my prize pack to consist of about 5 books, so if I don’t get enough ARCs I want to ship out, I’ll select books of varied genres from my own shelves.

Also, there can be only one winner.  Since I’m shipping internationally and it’s not exactly cheap I can only afford to declare one winner, so runners up will not be receiving print books.  Which brings me to the next part of my prize pack:

Mark Lee’s Prize

Mark Lee of The Masquerade Crew is probably one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet online or in real life.  He has generously agreed to provide prizes for my reading challenge for free.  These prizes are not set in stone, but sometime in December Mark will be initiating a call on his website for authors to provide free ebooks as part of the prize.  How many ebooks the winner gets depends on how many submissions we get.  The winner will be able to select either however many they want or a certain number (depending on how many submissions we get) from this pool of free ebooks.  And since these ebooks will be going to reviewers, both reviewers and authors win since reviewers get free books and authors likely will get reviews.

I’m thinking of limiting the number of books the winner can receive and having the runners up able to pick a few less free books, but get free ebooks all the same.  So even if you don’t win the grand prize, I’ll be picking 2-3 runners up from my hat to receive these free ebooks!

Your turn!

So what do you think of these prizes?  What level do you think you’ll reach by the end of the year?  Do you have any suggestions for prizes for this challenge or possible future challenges?  Please tell me in the comments below.  I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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