Discussion: Favourite Books

Yep, the title pretty much says it all.  You guys all know about my favourite books, but I know essentially nothing about yours.  So what are your favourite books?  Do you have just one favourite or many favourites?  What makes this book your favourite?

For me personally I can’t pick just one favourite; I’ve read too many books.  Usually I pick a favourite of the moment, which right now is Sandra Gulland’s Josephine B. trilogy about the life of the infamous Empress of France.  I love Gulland’s take on Josephine and you really get the feeling that she was utterly ruined by history when in truth, she should be celebrated.

Remember the rules for Discussion posts?  Well, there aren’t many.  My commenting policy still applies of course, but you can engage either with me or any other commenter on the thread.  So go on and have fun!


  1. Carla J. Hanna

    My favorite book in the last 5 years was Born to Run, non-fiction narrative. Why? It was engaging and expertly written. I learned a ton about the human body and its natural design for running. I applied running techniques and used the minimal running shoes discussed in the book to my own running and have been injury-free since. (I wear Inov8 shoes and hiking boots.) I learned about the Native American (Mexican) tribe, the Tarahumara. I also learned about how the shoe business is in the business of selling shoes, not in helping runners run injury-free. I read Born to Run the first time because I like triathlons. I read it the second time as a social commentary. I read it the third time as a primer for daily life. I should read it again…

    • Carrie Slager

      The best kinds of books are the ones you can read over and over again and get different messages out of every time. I don’t read as much nonfiction as I used to, but one nonfiction I really enjoyed was The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt by Toby Wilkinson. Toby Wilkinson is a very well respected Egyptologist and his take on ancient Egyptian life is fascinating. It’s not the rose-tinted vision that a lot of Egyptologists paint and it’s very realistic, and at times, sarcastic and cynical. But it sure does bring the good and bad side of the civilization to light.

      • Carla J. Hanna

        I read that, too!! Awesome book – okay, another favorite for sure. I should read it again this month – thanks. I’m going to do the Muse series of historical fiction after I finish Starlet’s End and the Starlet’s Friends shorts. Muse as Cleopatra was my first idea until I read Wilkinson.

        • Carrie Slager

          If you’re going to do a Muse series, please don’t do Cleopatra–there’s so much of her out there already. Do someone like Hatshepsut, the first verified woman-Pharaoh if you’re going to set it in Egypt. She surely would have needed inspiration to rule in a man’s world! Or what about Josephine Bonaparte? She was certainly a woman maligned by history who was actually quite incredible because she divorced her husband when that was not done and survived imprisonment during the Terror when her first husband was executed.

          • Carla J. Hanna

            And Cleopatra would be another stupid love triangle ;-). I agree with Hatshepsut! I don’t know anything about Bonaparte. Any book you recommend?

          • Carrie Slager

            Haha! So true. Actually, I haven’t read nonfiction about Josephine, but Sandra Gulland’s Josephine B. trilogy is a great starting point. It’s well-researched and it really gives you more insight into such an incredible woman. She also includes a bibliography so you can check out the same books she read when she was researching. I can email you a list of the bibliography if you aren’t too keen on reading the trilogy, but they are absolutely amazing books in their own right.

  2. Zen A.

    Like you I can never pick a favourite. I love too many books, each for a different reason, so it wouldn’t be fair to single out one book! I could tell you my recent favourites, however; Cinder and Scarlet by Marissa Meyer. 🙂

  3. Book Blather

    I have lots of favourites, but from last year I guess I’d have to pick ‘The One Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared’ by a Swedish author. I have not had so much fun reading a book in years. In fact I would pass piles of romance books to get to it, which, for me, is quite the sacrifice!

    • Carrie Slager

      Well, it’s definitely an interesting title! I can’t say I’ve read it or even heard of it, but I might just have to pick it up sometime. And I can’t say I’m a romance fan, but if you like them, more power to you. 🙂

  4. Grace

    It’s so hard to pick any one favorite, but right now it would have to be Cat Valente’s “Deathless.” Just the imagery and lyricism was amazing.

    • Carrie Slager

      I love books like that. Right now that’s actually one of the reasons why I’m enjoying Sandra Gulland’s Josephine B. trilogy. She’s so descriptive and Josephine is an eloquent narrator, that’s for sure.

  5. Spectacles

    I have a lot of favorites. I usually just categorize my favorites with their genres. For instance, one of my favorite Fantasy books is The Two Princesses of Bamarre and one of my favorite classic books is A Separate Peace.

    • Carrie Slager

      I try to do that at the end of the year for my Favourite Books of [year] posts, but it’s hard. I read quite a bit in every genre, so it’s still difficult to pick out just one book from every genre!

  6. Thomas

    I have way too many to choose from! Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe is one of my most recent favorites, and I enjoy other YA books like the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy, What They Always Tell Us, and the Hunger games trilogy. But I also like more “lit”-like books too, such as To Kill a Mockingbird and East of Eden. All of these works bring different strengths and elements to the table so it’s not hard to see why so many people struggle to choose just one favorite book! (:

  7. Devina a Lemon flavoured Jellybean

    I agree, there’s just too many to choose from! Hmm, I would say I would be the Harry Potter series, the Kate Daniels series, Wonder, The Book Thief, and The Golden Compass. I’m still trying to keep To Kill a Mockingbird long enough in my hands to finish, I can’t understand why some classics don’t get along with me (Dickens is murder).

  8. cav12

    Like you I have too many favourites but there are a few stand outs. David Gemmell’s Troy Series, Sarah Douglass’ Troy Game series (bit of a pattern I know 😉 ) anything by Michael Connelly – loved The Poet hmm… better stop.

    • Carrie Slager

      Ha, I know the feeling! It’s impossible for me to list all of my favourite books. I actually got the first book in Douglass’ Troy Game series a few weeks ago and now I can’t wait to read it! It must be good if it’s one of your absolute favourites.

      • cav12

        You are going to love it Carrie. The plot is extraordinary and not give too much away, the surprise to the storyline is the ‘time’ element. 🙂

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