I Need an eReader

I’ve given you guys lots of book recommendations over the year and a half I’ve been blogging, which is why I’m turning to you now: I need an eReader.  In light of my little health problem that makes it hard to sit in one place for a long time, I can no longer stand to read books on my computer.  Therefore, an eReader is the perfect solution.  But to be perfectly honest, I have no idea where to start.  All I really know is that I have a few pre-requisites for an eReader:

1.  It must be a Kindle because indie authors who contact me are generally selling their books through Amazon.

2.  It must be light so I can hold it even on bad days.

3.  It must be under or only slightly over $200.

So, what do you think I should get?  Why?


  1. adtrosper

    I have a Kindle Paper White and I love it! It’s light, the case is wonderful (just make sure you get the one actually made for the Paper White and not a knock off), of course you can adjust the font size to your comfort level. I love the fact I can adjust how bright it is and it is never hard on the eyes. Easy to use, lovely to read on. I prefer my Kindle for reading over physical books any day.

  2. Scatty

    I would also suggest the Paper White. I don’t have it but I love the features that it has. It reads like the earlier Kindles but has the ability to light up so you can read at night or darker lighting without the need of a lamp to cause glare. I have a Kindle Fire which is great but it has the same issue with the computer like screen and it can be hard to read outside in daylight.

  3. theairtwit

    I’ve been looking into a an ereader as well. I dislike sitting at my computer for long periods, and I especially hate reading from my phone. An ereader is convenient when you’re out during the day and lugging your computer around isn’t an option. I buy from B&N a lot, which is why I considered one of their Nooks, but I think Amazon’s Kindle might allow more access to different authors. I’ve heard the Kindle Paperwhite is a good option, and it’s one I’m highly considering. It’s around $120 (USD) with built-in Wi-Fi, holds somewhere over 1,000 books, and it supposedly has a long battery life. There’s also the Kindle Fire, but I know nothing about its Wi-Fi or if it’s “glare-free” like the Paperwhite. Good luck on your ereader search! I hope you find one that best suits you.

  4. graveyardsandgrasslands

    Just get a Kindle… I have the basic one. Had it for 18 months and I still love it. Just bought my boyfriend the updated version. If you need a keyboard regularly get the one with the keyboard rather than the onscreen version. If not I’d get the cheaper one and spend the rest of the money on books. Mine has no backlight and I honestly can’t see when I would need one. Personally I wouldn’t get one of the tablet ones – surely it just distracts one from reading if you can surf the net too?!
    Here is a review I wrote in March last year!


    Good luck! Whatever you choose will be awesome!

  5. Daire

    I’m a big fan of the Kindle Touch… it does everything you need an e-reader to do, I’ve tested out the bog-standard Kindle and the Kindle Fire too, but the Touch is so much easier to use, and so much easier to add things to… I really can’t praise it enough!

  6. Author Unpublished

    Personally I love my Kindle Fire (they’re $160) it’s got a lighted screen that I can adjust to whatever dimmness I want, it’s lightweight, has color, connects to the internet, plays games, you can watch netflix on it… I got it last christmas and it has become permanently attached to my arm. Plus the storage space is lovely. I’ve had up to 2,000 books on it at any one time and hadn’t reached my limit (even considering I have several hours of music on it too).

  7. Rebecca Vance

    I have the Kindle Touch and I love it! I got it a little over a year ago. You can organize it into groups or collections, and that is where all of my review queues are..separated from the pleasure reading, classics and games. I have been thinking about the new paper white version due to the non-glare and lighting feature, plus it looks so much clearer with the white background.

  8. Caleb Flanagan

    Kindle Paperwhite. End of debate.

    It’s lightweight, lets you read in the dark, full sunlight, or anything in between, is a breeze to use and has the best value for your dollar amongst all of the other Kindle options.

    As someone who pays a lot of attention to ereader trends I can honestly say that if you buy a Kindle Paperwhite now you won’t need an upgrade for at least 4 or 5 years, if even then.

  9. Caleb Flanagan

    Oh, and I forgot…

    If anyone tells you that the lighted screen on the Paperwhite isn’t worth the extra $10-15 dollars, ignore them. They don’t know what they are talking about, trust me.

  10. Ezmirelda

    I love my Kindle Fire! It’s fast – when I want a book I don’t have to drive miles to my nearest book store, I could just download it instantly! I could change the font and size to my liking, and I don’t have to worry about where I left off because it saves my spot. I could literally go on and on. The Kindle made reading a whole new awesome experience for me. 🙂

  11. adtrosper

    I would like to add that the Paperwhite does indeed have a great battery life. I have read a ton more since getting it last Christmas. My mother also got one and has read nearly constantly since.

  12. Streetlight Reader

    I have a Kobo-Mini and it works fine. Although I have to admit that I don’t use it very often. I use my tablet a lot more because the screen is bigger and you can connect it to the Kindle reading format(I’m not sure about the proper terminology). My brother has the first Kobo that came out and he likes that one as well,despite the fact that it doesn’t have wireless. That being said I’d suggest going to the store and actually checking them out first before you purchase them. I know that I wanted a Kindle for the longest time and when I saw it in the store, I wasn’t that impressed to be honest. But that’s just me. Also you can ask questions that you have from the customer service reps so that’s always helpful. :).

  13. Scott Whitmore

    Hey, Carrie. I have a Kindle Fire, a regular Kindle with keyboard and an iPad. I love both the Fire & older Kindle for reading. My older Kindle does not have a backlit screen, tho, so it’s not great for reading in bed with lights off (my wife works early shift so I try to be considerate … try). On the other hand, the KindleFire isn’t great in sunlight as there is glare, and it is a little heavier. Both are very, very easy to swap titles back and forth, and by sync-ing whatever I’m reading I start on the one where I finish on the other.

    Like the iPad (which I find too large to comfortably read with for any length of time) the KindleFire also has apps for newspapers, games & social media like Facebook and Twitter. Happy to answer any specific questions you may have, but I think for *just reading* the newer generation Kindles (not the Fire, just ereader versions) would suit your needs. If you want some more functionality, the KindleFire is in your price range. Scott

  14. Zen A.

    I have a Nexus 7. While it’s not a Kindle, it is a very sleek device equipped with Android, and you can easily download a Kindle app from the Play Store. I’ve had it for a few months now and I’m pretty happy with it. Plus, I do believe it falls within your price range. 🙂

  15. James Kennedy

    Don’t get an iPad for reading. They’re good for web surfing and watching video, or even reading for a few minutes in the store, but personally, I feel uncomfortable after just 30 mins of reading on an electronic screen.

    The Kindle PaperWhite would be my choice but I don’t have one yet. Alternatively, the Kindle DX (discontinued in 2011) looks good. You might be able to find one second-hand on eBay. The Kindle DX is a giant Kindle.

  16. James Kennedy

    Just noticed the DX has come back into the Amazon store! Try one out if you can. I find them most comfortable. If you read a lot of PDFs, the DX is ideal. All Kindles can display PDFs but the standard-size screen is too small (the text becomes illegibly small).

  17. Grace

    Probably the PaperWhite. I have the Kindle Keyboard 3G and love it, but I don’t think they sell that model anymore. The 3G was a deciding factor for me (at the time I had a long commute on public transit, and wanted to be able to get new books on the go), but it does cost an extra $50ish, so it depends on whether you think you’d use it.

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