Poll: Links at the Bottom of Reviews

At the bottom of every review I always add links to both Amazon and Barnes and Noble, those being the major online retailers when it comes to books.  But what I want to know is if you guys would like links to other sites as well.  After all, I’m here to help both authors and readers and I want to do that as much as I can.  However, I don’t want my links to be crowded so if you let me know which links you really want I can add them to all future reviews and possibly go back and add them to 350+ past reviews.


  1. The Masquerade Crew (@MasqCrew)

    I usually only link to Amazon myself. I voted for Goodreads, though, because if you are looking to be comprehensive, Goodreads is a good choice as the book can be found via various means once there.

    More links mean more work. I’m kinda of lazy at heart.

    • Carrie Slager

      I don’t mind linking to Goodreads since so many people on here are bloggers that have long reading lists. Goodreads can allow them to add a book to their official ‘to read’ list without having to choose between buying the book or ignoring it completely. That’s why I’m leaning toward Goodreads at the moment.

  2. Thomas

    I don’t think links are entirely necessary as it isn’t too difficult for readers/commenters to search that stuff on their own – avoiding clutter is always a plus, too. However, if you really want to, I’d include a link to Goodreads and in some cases authors’ websites.

    • Carrie Slager

      Thanks for the suggestion! I do hate that cluttered look, but it seems like a lot of people actually DO use the links at the bottom of my reviews to check out or even buy books from online retailers.

  3. Caleb Flanagan

    If you are already linking to Amazon and Barnes & Noble then there really isn’t a reason to not link to Audible as well. The prevalence of people using audiobooks with the smartphone and tablet boom is incredibly high. You might as well give them the same shortcut you are providing to others.

    I’m also a fan of linking to Goodreads because it is a fast and easy way for people to see a critical mass of opinions about a book beyond the one they just read on your blog. Also, Goodreads provides a satisfactory portal to the much less popular reading formats outside of the Kindle/Nook majority.

    Author websites are often very hit or miss. We all want to show support for the authors of the books we love, but some of them (actually a decent number of them) have very poorly constructed sites and places like Amazon are just a lot easier to use in finding other books by that author.

    • Carrie Slager

      Thanks so much for the suggestions Caleb! I’m thinking of Goodreads for sure and possibly Audible. But yeah, you’re right about the author sites. Some of them are just horrible.

  4. Kelley

    I always link to Amazon, The Book Depository, and Goodreads. However, to be honest, the only link I ever really care about in Goodreads, and I find that I get annoyed when a link takes me to Amazon (or anywhere else that isn’t Goodreads). So, as long as you include a link to Goodreads, I’m happy.

    Although I have to agree with Caleb that including a link to Audible is a great idea. I think I’m going to start doing that!

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