Cameron’s Law by Mia Darien

Cameron's Law by Mia Darien(Cover picture courtesy of Goodreads.)

Vampires are people, too.

Cameron’s Law has made all supernatural creatures legal citizens, and the boy next door has suddenly become the werewolf next door. With Sadie Stanton, vampire and one of the public faces of the legislation, calling the little town of Adelheid, Connecticut home, it can’t help but be a focal point for these once mythical beings.

But when vampires start attacking werewolves without provocation, Adelheid draws the attention of those that would seek to have Cameron’s Law repealed and would send the preternaturals back into the shadows they used to hide in, but without the safety of their anonymity and their law.

Can Sadie keep the city’s two biggest species from descending into chaos and war before it brings all of them to harm? And can she do it when she herself gets thrust into the spotlight?

[Although I’m publishing this review in conjunction with the Adhelaid blog tour, I downloaded an ebook copy for free because I was interested in Cameron’s Law anyway and the tour gave me an excuse to read it.  As always, this is still an honest review.]

I’ve become almost immune to books with action-packed beginnings, but when a book starts out with someone getting staked you know it’s going to be good.  And when the character that gets staked is heading to the police station even though they’re a vampire, you know there’s a whole new exciting world yet to be revealed.

Welcome to Adhelaid, Sadie Stanton’s headquarters where she fights for supernatural rights.  You see, only a year ago she helped pass Cameron’s Law, the law that made all supernatural beings citizens of the United States with full rights.  As you can probably guess, there were a lot of people unhappy about that and they go to extreme lengths to express that unhappiness.  You might be thinking that this sounds a little cliché but I’m vastly over simplifying all of the politics between supernatural beings and humans Mia Darien throws into her novel.  If you were to read Cameron’s Law for one reason and one reason only, it would definitely have to be for the world-building.  It’s impressive.

I wasn’t sure how I felt about Sadie in the beginning, but she’s definitely the kind of snarky character you can’t help but fall in love with.  She’s snarky and she knows it’s a defense mechanism, but she’s also a little vulnerable when it comes to her heart.  Let’s just say I love how she doesn’t fall in Insta-Love and that when she’s in love it’s not all rainbows and sunshine either.  Especially when the mysterious murders of werewolves by apparent vampires cause tensions between the two supernatural communities.

Part of what I really liked about Cameron’s Law in regards to the plot was that it was fast-paced but there were some slow moments for readers to catch their breath.  The slow moments aren’t boring and actually forward the plot, but it’s nice not to have constant action so you can get a little backstory.  The interactions between Sadie and Vance are definitely slower than the greater conspiracy but they further both the plot and their characterization.

Even if you’re not really into urban fantasy or paranormal romance I’d highly recommend Cameron’s Law.  I’m so glad that I got an opportunity to pick up a great book I otherwise would have missed because of Mia Darien’s blog tour.  So seriously people, if you’re looking for a short but good read, pick up Cameron’s Law.  You won’t regret it.  Besides, it’s free right now on both Amazon and Barnes and Noble if you get it in their respective ebook formats!

I give this book 5/5 stars.

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  1. Mia Darien

    Carrie, thanks for being a part of my blog tour, and I’m so happy that you enjoyed “Cameron’s Law”! I love Adelheid, so when others enjoy their stays in my little city, I’m very glad. 🙂 I hope that you’ll be rejoining our citizens again in the future! Thanks again!

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