Your Shameless Blogging Self-Promotion Thread

Since I have a lot of blogging related things to do today (which include interviews, reviews and actually starting books I have a deadline to read) I’ve decided to turn over the site to you guys.  Basically, in the comments below tell us a little about your blog and leave a link to it, even if it’s already linked to in your profile. 

Your blog doesn’t have to be a book blog and I won’t be moderating this thread too heavily but obviously blogs with spammy or pornographic content aren’t acceptable.  That’s about the only rule aside from my regular be nice commenting policy.

So tell myself and everyone else reading this what your blog is about and why we should read it.  Go on!  Who can turn down a little self-promotion?


  1. Jemima Pett

    Well, how kind of you to ask! Mine is about me and my writing, especially the Princelings of the East series but increasingly about other work. Monday is news, Tuesday a haiku (comments in haiku form welcome!), Wed & Thu spare, Friday is Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge, which is sometimes more of a challenge than others (I write clean fantasy normally), and Saturday a Book Review. Come over and try it out!

  2. Kayla Sanchez

    Aha! Shameless self promotion! I love it 😉

    Mine is The Thousand Lives, and it’s mainly a book blog. Occasionally I throw in some tidbits about my life and whatnot as well. I tend to follow a schedule of a book review on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Tuesday’s is the Top Ten Tuesday meme, and Thursdays are my discussion/Standing on my Soapbox posts. Saturday is usually a wild card, but Sunday I list my book haul from the last seven days.

  3. thegrayspots

    Wow, thanks for this chance to plug! My blog reviews books and everything related to it: movie adaptations or trailers, theatre adaptations, memorable quotes from authors and their work. Sometimes I post photos of my newest book purchases and book-related merchandise! Sometimes I also post articles related to reading and literature. See you around!

  4. patricksponaugle

    Hey, I’m technically just a guy who blogs. I usually do a random review of a movie or a TV series. But I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan, so I’m writing a GoT-centric piece every Wednesday, until the new season starts up (when I’ll ease off, since there will be a huge amount of episode recapping from everyone else for me to read.)

    In general, I’m hoping to release a blog post a week, on something. Once a month I release a month’s worth of #MicroStory tweets that I kick out from time to time. That’s my minimal attempt writing.

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