Your Shameless Book Self-Promotion Thread

Just like my blogger self-promotion thread I’ve decided to have a book self-promotion thread.  Are you an author?  Have a book out?  Well, plug away in the comments below!  Why should my readers and I read your book?  Where is it available?

You can include up to three links in your comment if you like.


  1. adtrosper

    Thanks for the invitation!

    I have books one and two of my Dragon’s Call trilogy out. They’re available in both e-book and paperback (audio of the first book will be available sometime next month).

    Embers at Galdrilene (book one)

    Tears of War (book two)

    I also have a non-traditional children’s Christmas fable available in book e-book and paperback.

    The Legend of Christmas Magic

  2. authoraprilmargeson

    I have written a new series that falls into so many different categories that it is hard to describe, Ya Fiction, Paranormal, Thriller, Urban, Horror, and Romance. All that I can say is Amazon cannot recommend any other books like them.

  3. Andrew P

    Thanks for the invitation!

    I recently released a new Halloween Collection, Crooked Ways:

    With October 31st coming quickly, the stories here explore different interpretations of Halloween. The collection includes 10 stories and poems from 7 different authors.

    I also have two other anthologies that can be found here:

    Constellations is a collection of Science Fiction short stories and poems; X:15 is a collection of over 40 flash fiction pieces with a large range of genre and style.

    All three books are available from and Createspace in paperback form; the two anthologies are also available in e-book format.

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