Happy Halloween! + Blog Recommendations

That is, if you’re into the whole Halloween thing.  I happen to be so I’ll be off working and scaring children today rather than posting here on the blog.  So basically, happy Halloween!  I’ll be back on my regular posting schedule tomorrow, but I figured I might as well take today off from reviewing.

(Also I’ll be replying to discussion comments today finally.  Sorry for the wait!)

And since I’m gone here are some awesome blogs you can check out in the meantime:

1.  The Masquerade Crew

Yes, TMC does do book promotions but these are clearly marked and their book reviews are always honest.  You’re guaranteed to find and awesome new indie novel through this site and even if you don’t, they host some pretty awesome giveaways on a regular basis.  (Also I’ve recommended them in a previous post and the recommendation is certainly worth repeating because of their new genre-themed months.)

2.  Jack Flacco

Jack Flacco is one of my regular readers here on The Mad Reviewer, but he has a pretty cool site of his own.  He’s just released his first book and he does do posts about that, but if you’re in the mood for awesome memes like Women Who Wow Wednesdays or posts about pop culture (particularly zombies in pop culture) you’ll love this site.

3.  Creative Writing with the Crimson League

If you’re an author, this site is a must-read.  It has so much useful advice about pacing, plotting, creating believable backstories, etc. that you can’t afford to pass it up.  Even for book reviewers like me it holds value because it has helped me deconstruct the elements within novels on a much deeper level.

4.  Lipsyy Lost & Found

Lipsyy is another regular reader and commenter here on The Mad Reviewer so when I finally checked her site I fell in love.  She reads and reviews YA novels like I do, but they’re such a different type of YA that you’ll rarely see us review the same book.  She also has nostalgia for one of my favourite horror writers as a kid: R. L. Stine.  Really, who grew up in the 90s and didn’t like R. L. Stine?

5.  A Bookish Heart

Things have been pretty busy for Asti lately and I admire that she’s kept her posting on a semi-regular schedule.  A Bookish Heart has everything from book-related post recommendation to book reviews to Asti’s awesome book art finds.  There’s something for everyone on A Bookish Heart and I’d highly recommend checking it out.

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