“Why do People Hate Naked Men?” and Other Weird Search Terms

*warning possible sexual assault triggers*

I talk a lot about statistics here on my blog, mainly because when I started blogging I noticed very few bloggers do.  It confused me and I would like for new bloggers to be able to see what realistic expectations are when they start blogging.  That, and sometimes I just love hearing your thoughts on statistics and the way I analyze them.

But there’s one type of statistic I haven’t covered: search engine terms.

On an average day I get around 100 referrals from search engines and a lot of them make sense.  Terms like ‘hunger games and ancient rome’ or ‘game of thrones women’.  I’ve written a lot about these topics and I like to think that I wrote about them quite well, which is why more people find them.  Terms like the examples I’ve provided make sense, but every blogger knows that along with the logical terms you’re going to get some really weird and/or scary search terms.  Here are a few of the weirdest:

why do people hate naked men?

explicit sex scenes

mad concubine

really scary people

how to make your kids look like nerds

rape girls

nerd mode

illinois child support disbursement

mature rape

nude actress

Okay, my blog is what I consider to be family-friendly.  I don’t swear often and I try not to explicitly discuss things like gore or sex.  And yet, what search terms do I get?  ‘rape girls’, ‘mature rape’, etc.  Yes, I have touched on the topic of rape when it comes up in novels.  So now I have reaffirmed my faith that the internet is dark and full of terrors.

As for some of the other stuff, it doesn’t even make sense.  ‘illinois child support disbursement’?  I’ve never, ever written about Illinois, child support or disbursements that I know about.  I can’t fathom how many pages someone had to go through on Google to get to my little blog.

Of all of these search terms, I think the strangest one I’ve ever had is “Why do people hate naked men?”  Um…I really have no reply or explanation for that.  Especially since I’ve never written about hating (or loving, for that matter) naked men.  I’ve mentioned naked men and how people seem to be such prudes about naked bodies in my Game of Thrones article, but I just find it odd that someone would even search that question.  Personally, I have nothing against naked men.  Or women, for that matter.  Obviously someone somewhere does.

So what do you guys think of some of these terms?  If you’re a blogger, what’s the weirdest search term you’ve ever had show up?


  1. jennyinneverland

    Hahah I loved this! Some of those search terms are so funny (and creepy…)
    I get a lot of people searching for “Where does the phrase ‘With freedom, books, flowers and the moon who could not be happy?’ come from?” and finding my blog because that’s the “header” or whatever it’s called so that makes sense but I love it when I get some totally ridiculous one! I had “Is Dermot O’Leary gay?” the other week, what?!

  2. Jemima Pett

    For some strange reason “Game of thrones line of succession” is my top search term other than my name! Well, I suppose line of succession becomes an important part of the trilogy. “what is venezuela black makeup” is a mystery to me, most other odd stuff I can see why my books might have been picked up for them. “Vampire Pett” is a bit worrying but, strangely, not as much as “Playboy Pett”!
    Mostly my search terms are for books I’ve reviewed – the most popular ones seem to be The White Giraffe and Dragonfly Pool.

    • Carrie Slager

      Yeah, Game of Thrones line of succession sort of makes sense. (It’s actually a series, not a trilogy though.) It’s pretty complicated.

      As for the others, they’re truly bizarre! “Playboy Pett” is rather strange, but I suppose it’s possible you could share a name with someone else. Just like you my most popular search term is often for The Outsiders or The Hunger Games.

  3. cupitonians

    Oh wow. These are .. I was going to say amusing but then that might confuse you. Funny, I just wrote a post just like this and some of the search engine terms are so bizarre, you wonder if you’re making it all up in your head!

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