One Month to go in The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge!

Yes, it’s November 30th and almost the end of another year.  My second blogging anniversary is coming up in January, but more importantly my reading and reviewing challenge will be coming to an end at 11:59pm on December 30th.  I’m hoping to announce winners the very next day, but it may be a couple days afterward as I collect the names and enter them into my draw.

So I’m basically finished.  I’m going to review a few long books (Cleopatra’s Memoirs, 11/22/63, etc.) and then add any of the long books I didn’t count from the rest of this year.  I’ve read and reviewed far more than 104 books this year and although I won’t reach my 500 review goal I’m pretty happy with how this blog has been running.

My question for you guys now is: If you’re participating in the challenge, do you think you’re going to finish?  What level are you finishing?  Will you try again next year?

And if you’re not involved in the challenge, read all about it here and tell me this: would you like to participate in the 2014 version?  Why or why not?


  1. literaryvittles

    I would definitely like to participate in the challenge! I recently realized that I’ve read an alarmingly low number of books this year, and I need to step it up. Would definitely appreciate support via the Internet 🙂

  2. chettsgenie

    I’m finished! Phew. I did ‘Mad Reviewer’.
    Reviewed the books on my blog (, amazon, and goodreads.
    What happens now?
    I might not have time to do the challenge at the same level next year but would still like to do it. 🙂

    • Carrie Slager

      Thanks! What happens now is that I’ll count and verify the reviews (I don’t doubt you did all 104, but in the spirit of fairness). And then I’ll write your name on four slips and put them in my little jar for the year end draw. If you win, I’ll contact you and you can pick out some books from the ones that authors have volunteered.

      Next year I’ll be hosting the same challenge, probably with only a few small modifications. I’d be happy to have you back for 2014. 🙂

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