Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin

Sins of the Angels by Linda Poitevin(Cover picture courtesy of Were Vamps Romance.)

A detective with a secret lineage. An undercover Hunter with a bullet-proof soul. And a world made to pay for the sins of an angel…

Homicide detective Alexandra Jarvis answers to no one. Especially not to the new partner assigned to her in the middle of a gruesome serial killer case-a partner who is obstructive, irritatingly magnetic, and arrogant as hell.
Aramael is a Power—a hunter of the Fallen Angels. A millennium ago, he sentenced his own brother to eternal exile for crimes against humanity. Now his brother is back and wreaking murderous havoc in the mortal realm. To find him, Aramael must play second to a human police officer who wants nothing to do with him and whose very bloodline threatens both his mission and his soul.Now, faced with a fallen angel hell-bent on triggering the apocalypse, Alex and Aramael have no choice but to join forces, because only together can they stop the end of days.

[Full disclosure: I received this book as part of a blog tour.  Unfortunately the book didn’t ship in time, so I’m doing this review later than anticipated.  Either way, the review is still honest.]

I’m not a big fan of urban fantasy in general, but on occasion I do pick out a book that interests me.  Some are total duds and others are like Sins of the Angels: amazing.

The world-building in Linda Poitevin’s book is simply amazing.  And, if you’re so inclined, more than a little blasphemous.  God, in this case, is called the One.  And she’s most definitely female, which is something I’ve never seen before in fiction of any sort, let alone urban fantasy.  Sins of the Angels touches on quite a number of religious topics like free will, the fall of Lucifer and why there is so much destruction and chaos in the world.  Some of the conclusions the characters draw are fascinating from a theological point of view and they do reveal a lot about the characters themselves.  However, I wouldn’t recommend reading this if you’re a very orthodox Christian.  It does touch on some nerves.

With that said, I loved the characters.  I loved how Alex (Alexandra) was such a strong, independent character.  She’s tough and struggles with a horrific past as she tries to push down the memories that surface during her murder investigations.  At the same time, she can be vulnerable and stubborn especially when dealing with Aramael (who goes by Jacob Trent in human form).  Her chemistry with Aramael is great and I love how both of them slowly realize just how much of a connection they really do have.

I didn’t want to put this book down at all.  It’s 300 pages long and trust me, those pages go by very quickly.  The plot takes so many twists and turns, but it’s never difficult to keep up with them.  At the same time, you’re left guessing until the end and when Sins of the Angels does end you’ll be clamouring for the next book.  I know I was.

I give this book 5/5 stars.

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