Have you Finished The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge? Tell me Here!

From now until January 1 this post will be a sticky on my front page.  Basically, if you’ve finished The Mad Reviewer Reading & Reviewing Challenge for 2013, please tell me here.  Leave me a comment with a link to the site where you did all of your reviews and I’ll go verify that you really did reach the level you claimed to reach.  Then I’ll post your name and the level you completed here, which also means that I’ve entered your name in my jar for the grand prize draw of internationally shipped books.  (If you need a refresher about the rules click here.)

Just as a refresher, here were the levels and the number of entries you’ll get:

1.  Mad Reviewer: 104 books in one year (4 entries)

2.  Crazy Reviewer: 52 books in one year (3 entries)

3.  Slightly Sane Reviewer: 26 books in one year (2 entries)

4.  Sane Reviewer: 12 books in one year (1 entry)

Here are some of the people that have completed the challenge so far and what levels they achieved:


1. Sharon Stevenson of Sharon Stevenson’s Blog

2.  Kim of Read Your Writes Book Reviews

3.  James of James’ Reading List

4.  Myself (Full breakdown here)


1.  Diantha Jones of DJ’s Book Corner

2.  Scatty of The Big Nerd


1.  Shirley of fordsthoughts

2.  Caleb Flanagan of 20four12


1. Ashutosh of Ashutosh’s Blog

2.  Margaret Taylor of Steam Trains and Ghosts

3.  Devina of Hot Chocolate And Books

4.  Raya of midnight coffee monster

5.  Walki of The Masquerade Crew


    • Carrie Slager

      Merry Christmas and although you didn’t sign up at the beginning of the year, I’m more than happy to welcome you to my reading and reviewing challenge. 🙂 If you can let me know when you review one more book I’ll verify that you’ve written 104 reviews and enter your name at the Mad Reviewer level in my draw. Thank you so much and good luck with your reviewing!

    • Carrie Slager

      The only thing I guaranteed is that someone can choose it as a prize. They’re more likely to review it than if you just send it out randomly to book bloggers, but in all honesty it’s the person’s choice whether they review their prize or not. When someone picks your book as their prize I can let them know you would very much like a review, but they’re under absolutely no obligation to do so. If they do write a review I suppose you could ask them to let you know or you could follow their blog until they publish the review.

      If, in your initial submission, you were asking me to review your novel I have to say that my submissions are closed unless I ask to review a work for an author. When I go through the submissions I’ll request review copies from authors whose books I find interesting or I may focus on my past obligations and finish those books instead. It all really depends. If, when my submissions reopen you would like a review from me, I’ll be posting new guidelines on my Review Policy page and you can go from there.

      Hope this clears things up. 🙂

    • Carrie Slager

      Really, it doesn’t matter how long the review is as long as it’s written. If you want to write one paragraph reviews, that’s awesome. Some people write 5+ paragraph reviews and that’s fine too. The point of the challenge is not for me to judge the reviews of others, but just to encourage bloggers and readers to post reviews.

      Short answer: Yes, of course your mini-reviews count! 🙂

  1. Rebecca

    I read 23 books (21 books + 2 audio). Of the 21 I reviewed 17. A few are posted on my blog, but most are reviewed on Goodreads. That puts me at Sane Reviewer.

    Thanks for the reminder. I obviously forgot. 🙁

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