The 2014 Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge Has Begun!

(The draw for the 2013 prizes will be held on January 4 so if you’ve finished the 2013 challenge please let me know.)

The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge ButtonYes folks, The Mad Reviewer Reading & Reviewing Challenge has begun for 2014!  All your reviews from now until December 31 count toward your goal.  If you need a reminder of the rules click here.  Just remember that if you signed up but didn’t provide a link in either your profile or your comment you aren’t officially signed up.  Please contact me with a link as soon as possible!

And if you haven’t signed up for the challenge but would like to please read the rules in the link above and comment on either that post or this one!  You can join anytime in 2014 and can count any reviews you’ve already done for the year toward your goal.

Below are some of the awesome book bloggers that have decided to join the challenge this year.  Anyone who is a returning participant is indicated with (R) beside their name.

1.  Myself (R) of The Mad Reviewer; Mad Reviewer

2. Sofia Li of Loving the Language of Literacy; Mad Reviewer

3.  Nicole Hewitt of Feed Your Fiction Addiction; Mad Reviewer

4.  Bella of Boom Baby Reviews; Mad Reviewer

5.  Kyle Anne Uniss of Constantly Reading Momma; Mad Reviewer

6.  Kriss Morton of Cabin Goddess; Mad Reviewer

7.  Kristin of Keenly Kristin; Mad Reviewer

8.  Carol Cram; Mad Reviewer

9.  Caroline of Reviewing Like Crazee; Mad Reviewer

10.  Jodi Campbell; Mad Reviewer

11.  Lady Fanciful; Mad Reviewer

12.  Bruce of thebookshelfgargoyle; Mad Reviewer

13.  Freeublue of ExtraordinaryReads; Mad Reviewer

14.  Amber of Like a Bump on a Blog; Mad Reviewer

15.  Elizabeth of so long and thanks for all the fish; Mad Reviewer

16.  Chickie of Sharing Links and Wisdom; Mad Reviewer

17.  Ashley Siavoshi of Lumos Books; Mad Reviewer

18.  Mike Reeves-McMillan; Mad Reviewer

19.  CMStewart of CMStewartWrite; Mad Reviewer

20.  Sue of Kid Lit Reviews; Mad Reviewer

21.  Diantha Jones (R) of DJ’s Book Corner; Crazy Reviewer

22.  Scatty (R) of The Big Nerd; Crazy Reviewer

23.  Kay of Kay’s Book Blog; Crazy Reviewer

24.  James (R) of James’ Reading List; Crazy Reviewer

25.  Spectacles of Spectacle Aglow; Crazy Reviewer

26.  Camille of Girl meets Books; Crazy Reviewer

27.  Lee French of Scripturience; Crazy Reviewer

28.  LuAnn Braley of Back Porchervations; Crazy Reviewer

29.  Georgie C. of Today is Where your Book Begins; Crazy Reviewer

30.  Rebecca of Musings of Another Writer; Crazy Reviewer

31.  Full of Fiction; Crazy Reviewer

32.  Devina (R) of Hot Chocolate and Books; Slightly Sane Reviewer

33.  The Daily Opine; Slightly Sane Reviewer

34.  Jemima Pett; Slightly Sane Reviewer

35.  Michelle Abbott of Addicted to Romance; Slightly Sane Reviewer

36.  April Richardson; Slightly Sane Reviewer

37.  Alina of Literary Vittles; Slightly Sane Reviewer

38.  Richard Abbott of In a Milk and Honeyed Land; Slightly Sane Reviewer

39.  Piarve of Modiste Word; Slightly Sane Reviewer

40.  Angel of Fixated on Faith; Slightly Sane Reviewer

41.  Megan (R) of Life’s Unfiltered Ramblings; Slightly Sane Reviewer

42.  The Modest Verge Book Blog; Slightly Sane Reviewer

43.  Ashutosh (R) of Ashutosh’s Blog; Sane Reviewer

44.  Jessi Timmermans of Ramblings of a Caffeinated Army Wife; Sane Reviewer

45.  Serena of Bewildered Bug; Sane Reviewer

46.  Everyone (R) of The Masquerade Crew; Sane Reviewer

47.  The Bloody Munchkin of The Bloody Munckin’s Random Thoughts; Sane Reviewer

48.  Brian Rush of Brian Rush; Sane Reviewer

49.  Elena of Elena Square Eyes; Sane Reviewer


  1. James Kennedy

    Put my name down for 52 books in 2014. I’ve got more on my plate this year and I want to read more of the good quality novels and none of the one or two star books (of which there were a few dozen this year).

  2. Diantha Jones (@DianthaJones)

    Sign up our entire Crew! LOL. No seriously, each of them is going for Slightly Sane Reviewer. That’s the lowest right? You can monitor their reviews in our left sidebar. At the end of the year, I will come post the names of those that actually met the goal 🙂

  3. theblueclementines

    Hi, Mad Reviewer,

    Just wanted you to know that my best friend Jamie and I (we write the Chasing the Blue blog…honestly, don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of it…I’d be quite disturbed if you had) have nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    To be honest, we’re still not sure what the Liebster Award is. Basically, though, you have to answer the 10 questions that the nominator (as in US) posted on our blog. Then you write 10 questions of your own, and link up to 10 random blogs that have less than 200 followers. If you want more info on what this actually is, with help you out- we’ve written a post on the matter.

    Tallulah Casey.

    • Carrie Slager

      While I’m flattered at the nomination I’ve already received the Liebster Award and I have more than 200 followers. I think the award should go to someone who deserves a little more publicity rather than me getting the same award twice. 🙂

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