Thank You to the Following Authors and Publishers

For my reading challenge prizes I initiated an open call for author donations.  They could be ebook or paperback, one book or multiple books, traditionally published or self-published.  I just needed donations so I could have a prize pack for the year end draw for The Mad Reviewer Reading & Reviewing Challenge of 2013.  I was shocked by the end of the call because I then had 76 prize packs to hand out.  So a lot of thanks are in order.

Here are the awesome authors that have generously provided my readers with prizes.  Special thanks are in order for the ten very awesome people who donated either large prize packs or paperbacks (or both).  All names are linked to the sites where you can check out the books of these great authors and where more than one book was donated I’ve indicated in the bold brackets and listed the books below the author’s name.

(Below all of the names listed is another special little surprise for the authors that donated their books to my challenge.)

Diantha Jones/A. Star (6 ebooks)

  • Book One: Prophecy of the Most Beautiful
  • Book Two: Prophecy of the Setting Sunrise
  • Book Three: Prophecy of Solstice’s End
  • Novella 2.5: Solar, Defeated
  • Novella 3.5: Hero, Cursed  (not yet released but will be added upon release)
  • Invasion by A. Star

Jemima Pett (3 paperbacks)

  • The Princelings of the East
  • The Princelings and the Pirates
  • The Princelings and the Lost City

J. F. Ridgley (2 paperbacks)

  • Vows of Revenge
  • Threatened Loyalties

S.H. Roddey (one paperback)

  • Lost in the Shadows

Riley Graham (one paperback)

  • Accidents & Incidents

E-Lit Books (3 ebooks)

  • A Touch of Darkness by Tina Moss and Yelena Casale
  • The Art of Being Rebekkah by Karoline Barrett
  • The Seduction of Miriam Cross by W. A. Tyson

Zachary Bonelli (2 ebooks)

  • The Winter by A. Ka
  • Voyage Embarkation by Zachary Bonelli

Alana Woods (2 ebooks)

  • Imbroglio
  • Automaton

Paula Hrbacek (2 ebooks)

  • On Higher Ground
  • Stars Shine After Dark

Jami Gray (2 ebooks)

  • Shadow’s Edge
  • Shadow’s Soul

Wayne Wise

Annie Allen

Mark Jones

A. A. Smith

Su Williams

Terah Edun

A. W. Exley

Ian Hutson

Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

Tara Lain

Madhuri Blaylock

Elizabeth D’Onofrio

Peter Arpesella

Anthea Sharp

L. Anna Lenz

R. J. Crayton

Saffron Bryant

Paul R. Lloyd

A. T. Glazki

Angie Washburn

J. M. Davis

Caleb Peiffer

Andrew Page

James Wymore

R. J. Eliason

Norm Hamilton

Jenny Twist

Clive Algar

Zara Stoneley

Gale Martin

Tima Maria Lacoba

D.E. Morris

Adrian W. Lilly


If I’ve omitted anyone, please let me know so I can thank you properly.

In my mass email to the authors above I indicated that besides the possibility of a review from the winners who picked their book they would get something else in return for a donation.  So what is that something else?

Any author or publisher whose name is listed above will get top priority if they submit me a review request when I reopen my requests in late 2014.  If your name is on this list and you want me to review your book when I reopen review requests, it means you get to jump the queue.  Even if there are 20 authors ahead of you on a first come, first serve basis you will automatically be jumped up to a top spot.

Just to be clear you won’t be getting a good review simply because you donated a prize pack as all my reviews are honest.  You will, however, get a review much faster as a way of saying thank you for helping me out.  I really, truly appreciate the help and I hope you’ll be able to make a contribution next year.  You guys are awesome.

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