Get Your Nominations in for BlogHer 2014!

BlogHer is celebrating its tenth anniversary and you have from now until February 28th to get your submissions in the Voices of the Year and/or Photos of the Year.  I’d heard of BlogHer before this year but never really gave serious thought to nominating anyone.  But in the past year I’ve read some pretty awesome posts and I want to nominate a few of my favourite bloggers for the chance to have their work featured on the site.

Although the name is BlogHer anyone can be nominated, regardless of gender.  There are a couple different categories to nominate people in as well.  Under the Voices of the Year (articles) you can nominate people in the Op-Ed, Humor, Heart or Exploration categories.  For Photos of the year there’s also four categories: Slice of LIfe, Faces/Friends/Family, Nature and Selfies.  For more information, head on over to BlogHer’s information page here.  You need to be logged into BlogHer to nominate someone, but you can use your WordPress account to log in as well.  Any post published in 2013 is eligible.

So go on and have fun nominating!  If you want to view the posts submitted thus far, the page is here and you can vote for your favourite pieces as long as you’re logged in.  There’s a People’s Choice category but the rest of the up to 100 pieces chosen are chosen by the committee so it’s not a popularity contest.

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