Your Blogging Self Promotion Thread

Do you have a blog?  Think other people on this blog would like to read it?  Self-promote away, then!  I’m turning the comments section over to you guys.  Just leave a description of your blog and why other people here would be interested in it and a link.

Have fun!


  1. literaryvittles

    Well, I don’t mind taking advantage of this!

    On my blog “Literary Vittles” I write critical reviews of books and movies, feature outstanding illustrations from children’s books, explore some of the common struggles that recent college graduates face, and post the occasional recipe or photograph about the horrible weather in Chicago.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share my blog, Carrie!

  2. patricksponaugle

    Yes, I’ll take the opportunity that’s offered.

    I can haz blog. It’s over at

    It would probably only be of interest to people who are up on the current season of Game of Thrones, but it would also be of interest to people who are reading the book series.

    It’s not meant to be a Game of Thrones-centric blog per se, but I’m committed to posting a GoT-based article every Wednesday until the new season starts up.

    After that, I’ll be doing book reviews, or talking about other TV shows, but any book reviews will probably be of books I’ve read a long time ago. I don’t have the time to regularly read. Ah, my glorious youth (when I had a glorious mullet of hair) and all the time to read.

    Carrie, thanks again for the promotional opportunity. Best, best regards.

  3. Ranjit K Sharma

    Well… that’s a good idea to be mutually benefiting to each other!

    Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful opportunity to promote my cause.

    I am proud to maintain the official blog of the Zero Tolerance to Road Rage (ZTTRR) community.

    ZTTRR endeavours to get rid of road rage from every place in the world through peaceful interventions like sensitization on social media, personal interactions and orientations. This non-profit community considers the Gandhian principles of non-violence as the perfect way to systematically root out this social evil.

    Do check in the blog at:

    Thank you
    Ranjit K Sharma
    Founder and Chief Evangelist,
    Zero Tolerance to Road Rage Community

  4. mikeyb @ screenkicker

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    My blog is called Screenkicker and it’s about movies and TV and it’s really good.

    Ah shit, I’m no good at selling myself, I’ll probably lose followers due to this. Thanks a lot Carrie! 😉

  5. Rebecca Vance

    Thank you Carrie! I would love to take advantage of this opportunity. I have a review blog that is dedicated solely to beginners; debut authors with 3 or less published books and I also write articles that are based on my experiences and what I have learned along the way while I work on my own debut novel. So, I also cater to the aspiring author. I will be running my second contest soon. I promised to have another contest when I reached 1000 likes on Facebook, and I have surpassed that. As soon as I can, I will start this contest, so stay tuned on my blog, Becky’s Book Notes. Keep checking the Review Submission & Info page on the blog.

  6. Rabindranauth

    Thanks for the opportunity! I can be found over at:

    I’m gonna be covering everything I read, which is going to be mostly fantasy, historical fiction, thrillers, science fiction, with the occasional childrens or classic. I read alot. What can I say? Lol. Currently in the process of loading reviews up as I get the time, I’ve only been at this a few days. Anyone who’s interested, feel free to stop in. Thanks again!

  7. Jemima Pett

    Thanks, Carrie! My blog started out detailing my thoughts on my journey to becoming a published writer… then I started publishing them and now I do:
    News and general stuff on Mondays, haikus on Tuesdays, Flash Fiction on Fridays (with various recurrent characters including Sir Woebegone (failed knight with translocation superpower), and Big Pete and the Swede (asteroid miners). Saturdays are book reviews – ranging from crime to MG fantasy mainly – and I occasionally talk about my own books, The Princelings of the East series, too.
    Oh, and during April I’m blogging from A to Z – every day except Sundays. Every blogger should join in 🙂

  8. Jean

    I just bumped into this blog from support forum. Cycle Write Blog is a personal blog on cycling and how cycling, literally and metaphorically, leads me to other things along the way. My favourite “other” things in my journey in life with the reader are: travel, art, food, culture and history. I haven’t done a book review by the way, even though by training and career-wise for a long time, I have been a librarian. (But not in a public library. My current is different but still managing info.)

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