Changes to my Posting Schedule

I’ve been thinking long and hard about my schedule for The Mad Reviewer and I’ve decided to change things up a bit.  So now my typical week will look like this:

Monday: An interview, article or a review (I’m going to aim for more interviews and articles)

Tuesday: Review

Wednesday: Review

Thursday: Review

Friday: A book blast for a blog tour or a review

Saturday: A discussion!

Sunday: Open threads for promotion, site announcements, a bonus discussion or other random posts

My regular readers will notice a couple of changes:

1.  I’m going to be aiming for writing more articles and/or doing more interviews with authors on Mondays.  I like writing articles and doing interviews but I don’t always have time to do them for my preferred Monday deadline.  However, I’m going to make time from now on to do these things.  Failing that, on Monday it will be a review of a book I want to highlight for the author.

2.  On Fridays my traffic is usually insanely slow (people have lives on Fridays?).  Believe it or not I’m actually signed up for several book tour sites and I would actually like to participate more as a tour host.  So that’s why I’m going to be confining all posts for book tours (except tour-related reviews) to Fridays.

3.  Yep, discussions will now be a regular Saturday feature.  You guys seem to love them and I love reading your responses, so this is going to be a regular thing.

So now I have a couple of questions for you guys related to my posting schedule:

1.  Would you like me to do a post on Sunday that talks about what you can expect for the week?  (It would sort of be like The Sunday Post meme.)

2.  Are there any features you don’t like?  Are there ones you do like but don’t see here?  I’m very open to suggestions.

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