Discussion: Blog Tours

No, this isn’t my usual ‘good or bad?’ discussion, but rather just a place to share experiences.  In this case, I want to share blog tour experiences.  And just in the spirit of fairness I’ve devised questions for authors, reviewers and blog readers so everyone can participate!

Authors: Have you ever done a blog tour?  Did you organize it yourself or did you go through a tour company?  Which company?  Would you say your tour was beneficial in terms of sales, exposure and reviews?  Why or why not?  If you had the chance, would you do a blog tour again?

Reviewers: Do you tour with some blog tour companies?  If so, which ones?  If not, why not?  What are some of the benefits of joining a blog tour?  How have your experiences been with blog tours (i.e. good or bad)?

Blog Readers: As a reader, do you enjoy blog tour posts (i.e. cover reveals, book blasts, guest posts, interviews and/or reviews)?  Why or why not?


  1. lipsyy

    I’ve only been part of a few blog tours so far and haven’t had much feedback/comments about them. so I’m curious to see what other bloggers/blog readers think about them too. I’ve enjoyed the books I’ve reviewed for blog tours but they haven’t generated much traffic to my blog so I’m not sure if it’s worth it…

    • Carrie Slager

      I think blog tours are worth it for reviewers for a couple of reasons:

      a) You discover awesome new books
      b) Host-only giveaways rock
      c) Even if you’re not getting extra hits from them, at least you’re getting your name out there.

      It really depends on your individual preferences. I don’t mind doing blog tours and they’re a good way to get free books so I do them occasionally. If I had signed up with them to get traffic I would have stopped by now but I began to enjoy them so I keep doing them.

  2. Jemima Pett

    As an author I’ve done one blog tour hosted by Mother Daughter Book Reviews – it got lots more reviews for my book, which was the aim, and some great new quotes to use from the reviewers too. I hope it raised awareness but I didnt see any specific impact on sales. It got me more blog followers, though.

    As a reviewer I participate in tours by MDBookReviews and I Am A Reader, and authors if they contact me, all dependent on whether I think I’ll enjoy the book. I think it helps my weekly book review feature to have a blog tour mixed in. I’ll also do BookBlasts on the same criteria, if they fit in my blogging plans.

    As a reader, I read other reviews of books I’ve read (including on the same book tour) or look attractive, and may enter the rafflecopter depending on the prizes on offer (e.g. I don’t generally enter if it’s not a book I’d want to win). I often don’t read author interviews nless there’s something special about them (and I cant define special); I don’t read character interviews unless I’ve read the book or prequels. Guest posts can be interesting if they aren’t the same old stuff.

    Having written that down, it’s made me reconsider what I was planning to do for a feature in May! Thanks 🙂

    • Carrie Slager

      Blog tours are very diverse, though. Sure, you can do the traditional promo posts/book blasts/cover reveals but you can also get some interesting guest posts, interviews and reviews out of them. It all depends on what the blogger does.

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  4. Charleen

    I’ve never done these types of posts as a blogger, because I really don’t care for them as a reader. If I’m already interested in the book or author, I might enjoy the insight of an interview or guest post… something that has some substance. Unfortunately, I feel like most promo posts don’t have that substance. And if I’m not already interested in a book, a blog tour probably isn’t going to help… and, depending on how commercialized it feels, might even hurt.

  5. Grace

    I enjoy blog tours, but I’m picky about which I agree to do because a lot of tours require that your reviews be positive or that you run a promo piece instead. If I’m posting about a book on my blog, I feel like there’s some level of endorsement going on, so I want to be able to give my honest opinions about those books. I’ve been doing tours with TLC Book Tours for a while now, and they’re great. I’ve ended up loving almost all of the books that I’ve read on their tours. I do see a small increase in traffic on tours, but that’s not the reason why I do them. I like being able to interact with authors, and blog tours have introduced me to lots of new books.

    Now, when I’m reading blogs, I draw a distinction between blog tours that have substance and ones that don’t. If the blogger is posting a book review or author interview, I think it’s valuable. If someone is just posting a blurb/cover, I get annoyed, because it feels kind of spammy. Every now and then a cover reveal or blurb for something is fine, especially if it’s for a popular author, but the reason why I’m reading a blog and not the publisher’s website is because I want to see thoughts, opinions, and independent analysis of a book.

    • Carrie Slager

      Yes, I definitely find myself a lot more picky when choosing which books to tour for because I know that if my review is less than 3 stars I can’t post it until after the tour is over. The policy doesn’t bother me so much as it is knowing that I’ll be sitting on a review for up to 3 months because of the policy.

      I’d have to respectfully disagree with you on the promo posts because I’m going to be doing several in the next month. As a reader sometimes I find them interesting if there’s a blurb and excerpt (so at least there’s substance!). But I’m pretty much only going to be posting them on Fridays, which are traditionally my absolute worst day for traffic anyway. I don’t get many hits on Fridays so if I post a book blast at least I can have a chance to win an Amazon gift card or get some sort of reward for a minimal effort post. I’ve scheduled a lot for April but I don’t think I’ll be doing so many in May. We’ll see I guess.

      • Grace

        Friday is my worst day for traffic too. 😛

        And I don’t mind your promo posts at all because your blog has other things that balance them out. I just see some blogs when I can scroll through a month or two of posts and they’re all promos and cover reveals.

        • Carrie Slager

          I can definitely understand that. I don’t like all promo blogs which is why my blog (as I like to think) actually has substance. The occasional promo is a welcome break, though.

          Maybe Fridays are bad for traffic because normal, non-hermit people have lives on Friday nights. 😉 (I’m such a hermit.)

          • Grace

            Haha, I wish I was a hermit sometimes. I go through phases. I’ll do a couple weekends where I’m doing something all the time, then I’ll get burned out and need time where I don’t go outside and spend the whole weekend curled up with a good book and a cup of tea.

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