The Week Ahead (#1)

Yes, this is a new regular feature I’m hoping to do.  As a blogger I feel I need some consistency to my Sundays, which are generally my lazy days where I don’t post until noon or later.  So maybe this will help a little bit.


This week is going to be a good one with lots of reviews, seeing as I’m not participating in any promo-only blog tours.  Oddly enough I actually did an interview and I’m hoping to do more interviews in general in the future.  I personally like interviews but I’ve let myself slack off and haven’t been asking for them.

Enough rambling.  Here’s what you can expect from me this week:


  • An interview with John Heldt, who just finished The Northwest Passage series, his debut series about time-travel.
  • A very special cover reveal!  This cover is actually a revamp of the original cover and having read the book and loved it I can’t decide which one I like better now.



  • A review of Andromeda’s Fall by Abigail Owens for the blog tour.  I’m very excited about this review because this was the first book I’ve read that featured animal shapeshifters.  I was more than a little skeptical about initially signing up for the blog tour so we’ll see if my skepticism was warranted or not.


The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa


  • A review of The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa.  I’ve been re-reading the previous two books in the series to prepare for the last book in the trilogy and I’m nervous about how Julie Kagawa is going to wrap up such a complicated trilogy.  Since it takes place in what really is a Crapsack World it’s going to be hard to come to a satisfying conclusion.


In a Treacherous Court by Michelle Diener



  • A review of In a Treacherous Court by Michelle Diener.  This one I requested from the author and it just arrived in the mail yesterday!  I do love the Tudor period so I’m anxious to start this one.


The Wise Woman's Tale



  • A review of The Wise Woman’s Tale by Phillipa Bowers.  This book received quite a bit of hype when it first released and I found it in the used section of my bookstore so I figured why not give it a try.



  • Discussion: Being Open About Blogging Statistics.  Considering I’m quite open about my statistics, this should be an interesting discussion!


    • Carrie Slager

      I’ve pretty much always planned my posts in this fashion but this is the first time I’m making my schedule public. It helps to keep me on task and focused and I like to think it will give people a glimpse at which days they really wouldn’t want to miss here on my blog. 🙂

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