The Week Ahead (#2)

This week is going to be pretty sparse reviews-wise (only 3) but there’s going to be an article and some book blasts with giveaways to make up for it!


Crystal Deception by Doug J. Cooper

  • A review of Crystal Deception by Doug J. Cooper.  Normally I wouldn’t have picked up a book like this but Masquerade Tours was doing a tour for it so I figured I had nothing to lose.  Artificial intelligence, an alien conspiracy and some kick-butt protagonists sure made this book sound interesting and I found myself enjoying the story once I got going.  But did Doug J. Cooper manage to end things well?  We’ll see!


  • Since Tuesday will be April 1, my latest installment of The Best and Worst of…series will be coming out.  March has been an interesting month and we could definitely see some previous stats records being broken!
  • I’ll also be doing a release-day book blast for Honor Among Orcs by Amalia Dillin.


A Girl Named Disaster

  • A review of A Girl Named Disaster by Nancy Farmer.  I recall reading this one several years ago and liking it so I figured I’d pick it up again to see if I still think it’s good.  I normally wouldn’t have attempted re-reading a book I read so long ago, but I actually saw it in the local library so I decided to see if my first impression of the book was accurate.



Words Once Spoken by Carly Drake

  • A review of Words Once Spoken by Carly Drake.  I requested this from the Australian publisher Escape Publishing because the heroine sounded like she could kick some serious butt.  It also sounded like Carly Drake had an interesting take on the whole faery world thing so I really had nothing to lose in requesting it.


  • Book Blast: Inscription by H. H. Miller.
  • Book Blast: Blades of Magic by Terah Edun.
  • Book Blast: Crystal Deception by Doug J. Cooper (and a giveaway!)


  • Saturday is very special because I’m doing a cover reveal for Sworn to Defiance, the last book in Terah Edun’s amazing Courtlight series!  It comes out in late April.
  • Discussion: ARCs.  If you’re a book blogger, are you all that concerned about ARCs?  If you’re an author, do you feel sending out ARCs is beneficial in terms of marketing, getting some feedback, etc?

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