A Note on Post Timing

As you guys have probably noticed, today I published my review way later than usual.  This is in part because Real Life is getting in the way lately.  I still have a lingering cough from a nasty cold that’s lasted about a month and work is getting more stressful than ever.  To add to that, my personal life is kind of a mess right now.

Basically, I’m sorry for the late posts but I will be continuing with my daily posting schedule.  When those posts will appear is slightly suspect, though.  Unfortunately this uncertainty may last for a couple of months but I’m going to do my best to stay consistent as much as possible.


  1. Tammy Sparks

    I just started a full time job after being a stay at home mom for a long time, and my blog is really suffering. I’m hoping it gets back on track soon! Good luck with life, we understand:-)

  2. Jemima Pett

    No problem – hope the cough and other stuff improves soon. Since I got around to reading this on Saturday, you can guess you’re not the only one way behind 🙂

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