The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge Halfway Check-In

Yes, folks, it’s June already.  And you know what that means!  The Mad Reviewer Reading and Reviewing Challenge is already halfway done, which means that your book count should be about halfway by now.

I’m personally ahead of the game at around 64 books read and reviewed at this time so like last year I’m going to be a little more picky about which books I choose to count for the challenge.  That way I can up my pages read count and sound more impressive.

So, if you’re participating in the challenge how far are you along?  Do you think you’ll reach your goal?  Do you need to upgrade your goal?  Let me know in the comments section!  If you have any questions about the challenge I’ll respond to them tonight after work.


    • Carrie Slager

      That’s okay too; it gives someone else a chance to win. 🙂 Speaking of which, I’m working on gathering the ebooks and should be sending you a batch by the end of the month.

  1. thedailyopine

    Ugh – I’ve only reviewed 6 books so far. I’ve read more than that but haven’t posted the reviews yet. At least there’s a few more months to catch up yet still. 🙂

    • Carrie Slager

      Yeah I think the reviewing part is the hardest for most people and that’s what I like to think makes my challenge unique: it’s two parts (reading and reviewing). Hope you reach your goal!

  2. Megan.S

    Well, I’ve already upgraded from reading 12 books to 26 books. Right now I’ve read 12, and although my blog says only 10, those two reviews will be posted this week. That means I’m down one book, but I’m confident that I’ll finish. Who knows? I may end up reading more and trying for that next level!!

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