Introducing Tyrion

DSCN1757[1]Some of you may remember a little more than a month ago when I introduced this little guy as New Kitty and wasn’t quite sure of his gender yet.  Well, I’m absolutely certain it’s a boy and I’ve got a much better feel for his personality.  Therefore, he is now known as Tyrion and I’m taking him home with me on Friday.

Part of the fact I named him Tyrion is because I’m just a huge Game of Thrones fan and Tyrion is one of my favourite characters.  The other part was this little guy’s personality.  Although he wasn’t when I named him, now he’s the smallest of his litter of six and he’s pretty much always picked on by the dominant one I’ve nicknamed Cow (he’s white with black spots much like a cow).  Still, he always has lots to say and lately he’s been perfecting his strategy to attack Cow.  Rather than facing him directly he loves dropping in on him from a bit of a height where he has an advantage.  So, you could say that ‘Tyrion’ is the perfect name for my new cat.

Since today was a really, really awful, terribly sad day for both myself and my community, here are some bonus kitten pictures.  Cats are generally less terrible than human beings, after all:

DSCN1741[1]The entire litter in their sleeping spot.

DSCN1748[1]Rosina, the former runt.  (She used to be smaller than Tyrion!)

DSCN1749[1]Mama cat Joanna wanting some attention too.

DSCN1750[1]Cow deciding Tyrion’s tail is more fun to play with than some old string.  Arya (the yawning one) and Cersei are in the background.

DSCN1709[1]Mango and Cersei are best buds and after a little bit of playing they usually decide to curl up together and snooze.

548Tyrion is kind of a mama’s boy and this picture was just the perfect moment to capture as Joanna hugs him.  Of course Rosina’s photobomb in the background just makes this whole picture even more cute.

So have a good Saturday, everyone.  And if you have children (especially teenagers), please hug them a little tighter for me.  Just remember that while teenagers can be difficult to live with, it’s even harder living without one.


  1. Megan.S

    He’s so cute!! You must be so excited to take him home 🙂 Animals always bring joy to life and make it a little better. I’ll be needing a little friend soon as I’m sending my pup to specialized training for a month. Going to be so lonely!!

    • Carrie Slager

      Well, that’s good your puppy is getting trained but I know how hard it is to not have a furry buddy for a while. He’s definitely made himself at home now after a little bit of initial panicking. 🙂

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