Murphy’s Law: Tech Edition (Part Two)

Remember how on the 5th of July I said that nothing could possibly go more wrong with technology in my house?  Well, it seems I tempted both fate and my friendly neighbourhood gremlins.  So now here’s a catalog of what’s wrong:

1.  My TV will no longer talk to my DVD player, meaning that I had no sound on any DVDs I wanted to play.

2.  One of my computers refuses to talk to the printer (and yes I tried a different printer that works with another computer but it still doesn’t work).

3.  That same computer has a disc drive that won’t open unless you push the button in a special way.

4.  My new modem crapped out and won’t talk to the router any longer.  So I decided to order a wireless modem and cut out the router crap.

5.  That wireless modem isn’t scheduled for Sasktel to turn it on until Tuesday.  I got it Friday.  Needless to say I’m pissed off at Sasktel again.

The only upside to this whole week is that on Friday I brought Tyrion home.  He panicked a little in the car but he promptly settled down to take a snooze on my couch after playing himself out.  He’s now attacking my toes as I write this because toes are so much more fun than toy mice or pieces of string.

I won’t say that now all of my technology has broken down for fear of jinxing myself, but there’s really not much technology left in the house that hasn’t broken down by now.  Maybe the gremlins will finally move on?


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