Off Topic: Gremlins and Traumatic Veterinarians

As you guys probably noticed, I didn’t post a thing on Monday and this post is pretty late today.  Well, that’s in part because little Tyrion is still settling in but also because I discovered one thing: he has ear mites.  The poor little guy was born in a garage on a farm so I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised but taking him to the vet was a little unexpected.

While the vet was syringing a cleaning fluid into his ears as I held him (he was not happy in the least) he pooped on the examination table and promptly fainted.  In hindsight it’s funny but at the time he gave me quite a scare, just laying there like a limp rag with his tongue sticking out.  Apparently fainting is a normal nervous response to getting fluid syringed into ones’ ears; it’s how my RN friend told me they check for brain dead patients in the ER.  So at least I know Tyrion’s brain is working fine?  (Although he’s really not too keen on vets right now.)

On the upside though, he’s making himself right at home and the gremlins that were plaguing me seem to be gone for now.  I have consistent internet access and I think I’ve discovered what’s wrong with my printer so things are on the upside now.  And now that I have wireless internet I can finally download the books that have been sitting in my NetGalley dashboard for a little while.  Things are looking up but even if they weren’t, there are no such things are gratuitous kitten pictures:



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  1. charliegirlteachergirl

    Poor Tyrion! I’m sure it was quite scary at the time, but it’s one of those things that is funny in hindsight. Thankfully Baby hasn’t yet had a bad vet experience, but last year she did poop all over the floors at the vet’s (somebody – ahem, Daniel – thought it would be a good idea to give her a pork bone, which made her very sick). I felt so embarrassed. I hope Tyrion starts feeling better. YAY for no more gremlins! *fingers crossed* *knock on wood*

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